Connecticut Sneaking Pedophilia Protections into Law

The slippery slope toward anything goes.

HARTFORD, Conn. ( – Connecticut is facing controversy over a bill that has raised concerns among citizens, as they fear it could pave the way for the gradual legalization of pedophilia within the state.

The Connecticut House of Representatives passed a bill this month that changes the state’s anti-discrimination law by changing the definition of “sexual orientation” to “attraction to a gender.” It is expected to whiz through the blue state’s Senate and be signed by the Democratic governor, Ned Lamont, a consistent promoter of the LGBT agenda.

Cheerleaders describe it as a small, benign measure necessary to update an old definition.

Connecticut’s House Democratic caucus described the bill as merely seeking to “modernize and improve consistency” in the state’s “discrimination statutes.”

The Connecticut American Civil Liberties Union used similar language, stating, “[I]t modernizes the existing definition of sexual orientation, moving away from thirty-year-old outdated and offensive terminology.”

Supporters contend that HB6638 only aims to protect sexual orientations “in relation to genders” and downplay its potential impact. However, the conservative nonprofit organization Family Institute of Connecticut, argues “[R]ecall that even a baby or an animal has a ‘gender.'” The Institute adds, “We can hope, but it isn’t entirely clear how ‘sexual attractions’ directed toward animals, inanimate and dead objects would be treated under this bill.”

Various other critics are also raising alarm bells. In a press release, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, president of the Ruth Institute, warns that Connecticut legislators are taking a step toward legalizing pedophilia.

Morse notes, “Sexual Revolutionaries are sneaky. They ‘modernized’ the ‘offensive’ definition of sexual orientation by broadening it to include an essentially unlimited range of possibilities, including pedophilia (attraction to prepubescent children) and nepiophilia (attraction to infants aged 0–5).”

Expanding Pedos’ Access to Kids

While the bill is officially titled “An Act Revising the State’s Antidiscrimination Statutes,” the Family Institute of Connecticut refers to it as the “Pedophile Anti-Discrimination Bill.”

According to the organization, if the legislation is enacted, the state’s legal definition of “sexual orientation” would undergo two significant changes:

  1. Sexual orientation would no longer be tied to “heterosexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality” but would instead be linked to “identity.”
  2. The definition of sexual orientation would encompass identities whose associated behavior would constitute a sex crime.

According to the Institute, “[u]ntied from the orientations of heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality,” the law will prevent discrimination against any identities “related to any romantic, emotional or sexual attraction towards a gender.” As a result, “people with sexual attractions like pedophilia and nepiophilia would be protected from discrimination.”

That means, according to Dr. Morse, “Citizens, churches and businesses in Connecticut cannot prevent individuals with these sexual attractions from working or volunteering in schools, hospitals or businesses. So much for ‘safe environment’ training and background checks!”

“Discriminating against a known pedophile would be illegal under Connecticut’s new definitions,” she observes.

Morse, an expert on the detrimental effects of the sexual revolution, cautions concerned citizens to remain vigilant.

“Advocates of the bill might say it doesn’t legalize pedophilia, and that is technically correct. But by surreptitiously changing the definition of sexual orientation, the bill lays the groundwork for doing so. And they’re hoping we won’t notice,” she observed.

Distorted Interpretation

Morse reflects on the incongruities of current discrimination laws, emphasizing that the original civil rights movement aimed to combat discrimination based on race — an innate and immutable characteristic.

“Now,” she contends, “the most radical Sexual Revolutionaries are exploiting anti-discrimination law to protect behavior in ways the original champions of equality never would have imagined or approved.”

The Family Institute of Connecticut expresses astonishment at the support the dangerous bill has garnered. It laments that “some Connecticut legislators seem to have lost the ability to make rational distinctions” and urges Connecticut citizens to contact their senators, reminding them of the importance of common sense in Connecticut’s non-discrimination laws, particularly in relation to HB6638.

Similar state legislation being pushed by Democrats was defeated this year in Minnesota.


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