Hilarious: Weingarten, Parents ‘Getting Really Angry’ at DeSantis’ Education Policies

Friday on MSNBC’s Deadline, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten claimed hilariously that people are “getting really angry” at the education policies of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “I want to come back to the other policy which is I think the most unpopular of all in sort of this new mom’s group and the polling that’s out is the book bans.”

Weingarten said, “Two things are unpopular, the book bans and also why you would get rid of social emotional learning when we have a mental health crisis? We have to make sure that kids feel okay.”

Fact checks: no books are being banned in Florida, and it’s not a teacher’s job to make “kids feel okay.” Social emotional learning is leftist indoctrination, not education.

She continued, “So the craziness here is people are starting to feel the deprivation and they’re getting really angry. Just like on Dobbs there’s a sense you’re taking something away from my child because of what you’re doing. This, why are you doing this? Why are you taking this away from my child? Why don’t you let my child and her teacher decide what is right? And the other thing I’ll say is there are processes to figure out curriculum. We don’t get it right all the time. But we use those processes that the school boards have. That’s why we have school boards that are voted on by parents.”

Fact check: parents are angry not at DeSantis, but at school boards and at subversive teachers grooming kids with sexually explicit materials. Weingarten is a bullying liar and Nicolle Wallace a propagandist, and American parents have had enough of being gaslighted.

Randi Weingarten

30 Known Connections

Critical Race Theory & Contempt for America

On July 27, 2021, Weingarten penned a CNN.com opinion piece in favor of teaching the tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT), an academic discipline which maintains that: (a) society is divided along racial lines into (white) oppressors and (black) victims, similar to the way Marxism frames the oppressor/victim dichotomy along class lines; and (b) America is permanently racist to its core, meaning that the nation’s legal structures are, by definition, racist and invalid. “Culture warriors are suddenly labeling any discussion of race, racism, discrimination or struggle as critical race theory in an attempt to drive a wedge between Americans and prevent the full and accurate teaching of the American Experiment,” wrote Weingarten. Although “it’s a contrived uproar over something that is not even taught in elementary and secondary schools,” she added, “we need to know the unvarnished truth about our history so we can do better.” “My union, the American Federation of Teachers, will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history,” pledged Weingarten. “We have a legal defense fund ready to go. And we are preparing for litigation as we speak.”

During a July 2021 broadcast of the MSNBC program Deadline: White House, Weingarten condemned a newly passed Texas law that, by her telling, “basically says that teachers are supposed to say that slavery is a betrayal of the founding principles of our country.” “Now, you know that that’s not true,” Weingarten continued. “I mean, there’s lots of great founding principles of our country, but slavery was embedded in the Constitution.”

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