DEFUND THE UN: Islamic Republic of Iran Named Vice President of General Assembly

The UN is a disgrace. It has not met the goals for which it was founded, and it will not do so. The U.S. should leave it and expel it from New York. But we would need a sane, America-First administration for that.

Iran named vice president of UN General Assembly

JNS, June 5, 2023:

Following Iran—a country that executes its citizens for “blasphemous” social-media posts—gaining leadership over a U.N. forum based on promoting human rights through technology, the Islamic regime in Tehran has now gained another position of influence within the international body dedicated to fostering peace: vice president of the General Assembly.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry called it “a shameful decision.”

It said: “In addition to murdering its own citizens, attacking innocents around the world and racing towards a nuclear weapon with the goal of wiping Israel off the map, Iran will now serve in a senior U.N. position.”

The ministry noted that Iran advocates for the elimination of Israel, a fellow member of the United Nations, saying “this decision, which defies all logic and reason, is an insult to the millions of Iranians protesting for their basic freedoms and to the justice, peace and global stability that the U.N. is supposed to stand for.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a short video with a simple message: “I have heard all of the reports about Iran. I have a sharp and clear message for both Iran and the international community: Israel will do whatever it needs to do to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.”…

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