Watch—’The Growing China Threat’

“If everyone does a little, together we accomplish a lot.” — Brigitte Gabriel

Watch Brigitte Gabriel’s latest appearance on the Eric Bolling ‘The Balance’ show discussing the growing China threat to our food and energy security and take 2 minutes to ACT NOW to make a difference!

Tell Congress AMERICA is NOT FOR SALE! 

  • We’ve allowed China to buy up American farmland, including acreage near military bases, at the tune of $2 billion+.
  • We’ve allowed Chinese police to raid U.S. businesses.
  • We’ve allowed the Biden Administration to sell off U.S. Emergency Oil Reserves meant to provide energy security for Americans!
  • We’ve allowed China to be labeled as a developing country who receives taxpayer funded subsidies.
  • We’ve allowed China to steal state and corporate secrets.
  • We’ve allowed China to trade on the U.S. Stock Exchange with waivers on regulations that the rest of the world is forced to comply with.

Enough is enough!

Call on Congress to secure America’s food and energy now.

Don’t miss our ACT NOW Center and join the movement to shape policies that impact our culture, security and freedoms.

EDITORS NOTE: This ACT for America column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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