A Brief List of Postmodern and Communist Attacks on Every Aspect of Western Existence

Before the list, a reminder to please email the CPSO and get a link to watch the star chamber that is the trial of Mark Trozzi. If you want to know the state of our democracy and in particular, the relationship between medical practitioners and the state, watch this sh** show. You can get a link to watch by writing to tr******@op***.ca

1. Jonathan Turley: “We are Restricting Freedom … for the Common Good”: Irish Green Party Calls For Limiting Free Speech

(OF course “Limiting free speech” is like “Gun control”. Both mean the same thing. What you can’t have, but what I get extra of.)

The Irish Green Party followed many on the left around the world, including our own Democratic Party, this week and came out for censorship and speech controls. Indeed, the party went full Orwellian as its chairwoman Pauline O’Reilly called for “restricting freedom” to protect it.

O’Reilly’s comments are part of the introduction of the Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill 2022. We previously discussed this massive assault on free speech.

The legislation that would criminalize “incitement to violence or hatred against” people with “protected characteristics,” as well as “condoning, denying or grossly trivialising genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace.”

Limiting free speech has become an article of faith for many on the left. I have written about my distress (as someone who grew up in a liberal, politically active Democratic family in Chicago) in watching the abandonment of free speech values by the party. Democratic leaders now uniformly call for censorship and speech regulations. President Biden even charged that companies who refused to censor opposing views on social media were “killing people.”  Others have denounced free speech as “a white man’s obsession.”

2. When is a slip of the tongue incitement to murder and when is it not? Well, we know one answer. When it’s a Democrat who does it, it isn’t. 

3. Twelve-year-olds are being taught about anal sex in school while nine-year-olds are told to ‘masturbate’ for homework: The shocking lesson plans used by teachers in UK classrooms

Schoolchildren are being taught about anal sex and orgasms before they have reached puberty and set ‘masturbation’ as homework, secretive lesson plans reveal.

Many teachers are ‘indoctrinating’ children with scientifically false claims about biological sex, presenting gender as fluid and furthering a narrative that people can be born in the wrong body.

It comes as the NHS is facing a mass legal action from 1,000 families who claim their children were rushed into taking life-changing puberty blockers’ by the Tavistock Centre.

MailOnline has found graphic teaching material — including a sex manual for pre-teens — being taught to children in classes around the UK.

It follows a concerned mother being denied the right to see the content of the lessons being taught to her 15-year-old daughter in her Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) classes, which became compulsory three years ago.

Despite a judge refusing Clare Page the right to see the material, MailOnline can reveal that a wealth of questionable teaching resources are already available online.

Colouring books, word searches and cartoon drawings have also been given to young girls and boys by ‘activist teachers’ in their ‘overarching mission to sexualise children in the name of inclusion’. […]

MailOnline can reveal that some children are:

  • Taught that from birth until the age of one, babies can ‘experience pleasurable sensations’ by touching their genitals
  • Given ways for 12-year-old girls to orgasm while masturbating, including pinching or stroking the clitoris
  • Given ‘masturbation’ homework from a pre-compulsory RSE resource
  • Told that girls as young as 12 can find sexual pleasure from anal, vaginal and oral sex
  • Taught that it’s normal to want to masturbate during and even before they hit puberty
  • Informed that it’s normal for prepubescent children to be sexually attracted to anyone
  • Told that gender is different from sex but is a much more intrinsic part of who a person is
  • Taught that people can change their sex from being a man to being a woman
  • Also taught that some ‘non-binary’ humans are neither men nor women
  • Taught that men with the male Y chromosome can actually be women

(Muslims will be the vanguard for opposing these policies, and they will likely win because people know classical-liberals like what we saw a coupler of Fridays ago in Ottawa won’t ever do anything that threatens the agenda. But Muslims will. They may kill teachers and other officials connected to these actions. Just ask the family of Samual Patty and many others. But this isn’t a victory. It just changes who you cannot criticize and what ideology even more strongly, and it means the group with the real power shifts. If anyone has a solution please leave it in the comments. For one, it seems to me that groups of parents should rent a small building or even a school Gym and hire a few real teachers or get retired ones or retired professionals anxious to help reverse the communist revolution and have a real school. Open to any others. But that could work. Rural communities and home-schooling communities do something similar now.)

4. In the comments over the last few days there is a lot of great material on the Trans-scam. This Twitter thread just being one of them. More precisely, the Trans-dialectical scam. A lot about the doctors who started it all and their postmodern influence. Which tells you a lot. Like communism, the point of Postmodernism was not whatever point it seemed to be making, but the destructive nature of the ideas, which was and is the point. Another little fact dredged up from memory is that the Ontario and Manitoba Deputy Minister of education that started all this in schools was convicted for child-porn. So please check through the comments, especially for materials on Drs Money and Kinsey. The following video was edited in a way to prevent us from hearing the speaker’s qualifiers. Which is dishonest of the presenter. But it doesn’t change the fact that qualified or not, this man feels that if Mike Tyson identified for the afternoon as a woman, he should be able to get in the ring and fight one. Which i guess is better than what he does with them out of the ring.

Not related, but it is an excellent Tweet, which we have come to expect from James Woods:

5. Another performer drops dead on stage during his act. Could it be Global Warming? Or white supremacy. Dealer’s Choice. Please click through for the video.

Thank you all for checking out this site and its perspective on events as they play out. Perhaps the information battle space has always been a sort of mine field. But now more than ever, and each group most of us are probably in is rife with well meaning people pumping damaging untruths towards us, or malevolent people doing the same. Material that appears to be onside, but is often meant to diminish or distract or redirect us, even just a tiny bit away from the prize. This is a tough time to be a citizen of the West.

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