NEW DEVELOPMENT: Loy Brunson Supreme Court Case Docketed

Several months ago, I was privileged to speak with Loy Brunson and his brother regarding petitions they were bringing before to the U.S. Supreme Court on matters related to the 2020 Election. At the time, the Clerk of the Court along with the Chief Attorney for the Court had reviewed and accepted for conference the petitions. Neither addressed any criminal or election issues, per se, but a subject never-before-seen brought to the court. The issue before the bar addressed the violation of Oath of Office each member of the U.S. Congress swore upon assuming office. To Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL assaults (enemies) foreign or domestic. Minus the few in Congress who attempted to address serious issues related to our national election and national security, the preponderant majority of sitting members in each chamber refused to look into the concerns, and rather to dispel with the annoyance, simply moved to certify the national election without discussion and review.

I even experienced a similar response from a few “learned” folks who told me bluntly no citizen could file directly with the U.S. Supreme Court, and previous courts had to receive petitions to review and then decide if a hearing was warranted. My discussions with the Brunson Brothers showed me that was not 100% accurate, and the Constitution provided for citizens to present a grievance, in very certain circumstances, where National Security matters were in immediate threat and the Constitution was being thwarted.

Below is a link with a short but insightful and powerful conversation with Loy Brunson whose petition before the U.S. Supreme Court was heard yesterday in conference. My apologies for distributing this late. Circumstances and schedules have been a challenge, but I wanted to at least distribute the below interview and the amazing event which has received virtually no attention. Please pray for God’s intervention.

WATCH: Amazing New Development! Loy Brunson Supreme Court Docketed for June 22nd.

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