Tucker’s Big New Plan Revealed

Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson is raising funds to start a new media venture, Puck News reported.

Carlson is reportedly fundraising for the venture with a “vast majority” of his former Fox News staff set to join him.

“It’s increasingly possible that the Twitter show is a top-of-funnel play for other things Tucker may soon have cooking,” Puck News’ Dylan Byers wrote. “In fact, I am told he is raising capital to launch a new company that may yet prove more influential.”

“Tucker’s new media play might – if executed adroitly – serve as a paradigm for a generation of TV news personalities with huge followings and fandoms who remain marooned to their desks amid shrinking audiences,” he continued.

Fox News fired the remaining staffers from Carlson’s show on Monday, announcing a new primetime lineup. The network let go of at least nine staffers, including long-standing producers, in a move described as “shockingly callous” by one former Fox News producer who spoke to the Daily Caller. Another former Fox producer told the Caller that staffers on Carlson’s team were repeatedly told following his departure that their jobs were safe, including as recently as last week when two of Carlson’s producers left the network.

Fox announced in late April it was parting ways with Carlson. The top-rated host has since started his own show on Twitter, prompting a public legal battle between Fox News and the Daily Caller co-founder.

Fox News issued a “cease and desist” to Carlson in mid-June after accusing him of breaching his contract by violating its non-compete clause when he posted the first episode of his show on Twitter.



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