WARNING GRAPHIC: Scenes From ‘Apocalyptic’ War Torn France

Mayor of Paris Vincent Jeanbrun and his family escape assassination attempt.

Muslim and left-wing rioters continued to rampage cities and town and attack police. Violent riots continue to spiral out of control in Paris suburbs: They targeted a mayor’s home with a burning car as France saw a fifth night of unrest sparked by the police killing of career criminal.

France: ‘It’s one thing to read about it, another to see it with your own eyes’


I arrived in Paris yesterday and traveled to a city in the south of France. It’s one thing to read about it, another to see it with your own eyes. I walked through the streets of that southern city today. Shops destroyed, emptied of all contents: Swarovski, Orange, Apple stores. Most stores now boarded up. Will they dare to open on Monday? I don’t know. So far, 100 million euros of damage has been estimated; the amount is bound to rise.

An attempt to burn down the house of a mayor in the north; he happened to be at his office, but his wife and two small children were inside and escaped — just barely — with their lives.

About 50,000 extra police now on the streets. The Macron government still refuses to declare a state of emergency as politicians to his right have demanded.  Macron condemned the policeman — a much decorated officer, with several medals for bravery — as guilty of an “inexplicable” and “unforgivable” act.  As far the policeman is concerned, there is no presumption of innocence.

More to come soon.



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