Stephen Coughlin: ‘We have to stop seeing what we know, and start knowing what we see.’

Interview with Stephen Coughlin on July 3rd, 2023.

First of all, the summary at RAIR Foundation is quite good. It may be worth popping over to read before you watch this video.

Like much of Stephen’s material, this is a reality check on what most of not nearly all of us have wrong, and how having that wrong can cost us everything. There is some redundancy in this interview which frankly, is probably a good thing as it allows some ideas to sink in properly as opposed to jet skiing across multiple important insights, each of which are transformational in terms of how we tend to think. That can be hard to retain.

At the core, is Stephen’s favorite quote from a Rabbi he works with, and one to take heed of: “We have to stop seeing what we know, and start knowing what we see.”

The videos referenced in this interview are below, as well as the two Twitter threads for a deeper dive on some of the points.

Twitter Thread-reader 1:

Twitter Thread-reader 2:

Diplomats agree, truth can be “hate speech”

Islamophobia has no meaning:

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