World Heath Organization is scraping Twitter for YOU

There has been much criticism and speculation about Elon Musk’s limiting Twitter recently. It is the position of this site that it is entirely for reasons of protecting the general public, and is indeed altruistic as was his purchase of Twitter, his allowance of the Twitter Files, his granting truly unfettered access to journalists with a reputation for truth to all the materials on Twitter, his restoration of countless accounts banned by bad actors like the U.S. government in what has now been officially declared an unconstitutional and illegal set of actions by a Federal Court, INCLUDING President Donald Trump, and more.

We have posted the technical reasons why he needed to slam shut the gate to avoid scraping by bad actors like Canada, China and other polities that may be taking vast amounts of data for nefarious purposes. (and no, it is NOT the same as Google bots crawling Twitter. Scraping in this fashion is another matter)

Please check out this article for what is likely a perfect example of what Elon Musk is trying to prevent. The reasons? Res ipsa loquitur for anyone who reads this site.

From the World Health Organization:

Listening to people’s questions and concerns is an important way for health authorities to learn about what matters to communities in response to COVID-19. This social listening platform aims to show real time information about how people are talking about COVID-19 online, so we can better manage as the infodemic and pandemic evolve. Social Indicators track changes in the social system using a dictionary of terms and expressions. They help to target social change interventions and are measured as the daily average number of documents and the trend of the variable over time.

Get it? The communist agency, W.H.O. seek to scrape all data from social media to determine how people are thinking and talking about health policies in order to better “manage” it. This at a time where more and more governments, Russia among them, are waking up to the WHO, many years too late, to the point where they seek to defund and exit the controlling body.

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