Tucker on Twitter Episode 9: Kickboxing World Champion Andrew Tate Stands up for Masculinity

To tell you the truth, up until a few months ago, I never heard of Mr. Andrew Tate. I discovered him recently. When I learned that he was one of the most influential people on the planet towards young boys and men, I decided to investigate him and follow him on Twitter and Truth Social.

Watch Andrew Tate’s interview with Tucker Carlson on Twitter:

The message this manly man has for the youth is powerful and much needed. We need young men to want to make something out of their lives and be the best they can be. Live with honor, be real men.

Andrew Tate is a simple man. His background is humble and he made a career as a kickboxer. He is a powerful voice for certain human values, but he is not the wisest man around. Let me explain.

Andrew Tate has been an atheist and a Christian, but nowadays he is a Muslim. That means that his ideal and perfect man was a pedophile and a brutal warlord. I’m for masculinity, but not for the Islamic version of it!

So thank you Andrew Tate for all the good you do, and it’s a lot, but please do not influence fragile young souls to convert to your primitive religion. The crusader is a man of honor and dignity and true respect for women, not the jihadist!

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