Military Times: ‘White Nationalists Shouldn’t Serve in The Military’

In other words, freedom loving Americans – patriots – should not serve in the military. G-d help us.

Spitting on the fallen soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom. For this?

The left poses the gravest threat to America and the world over.

Written by Anti-Defamation League staffer.

White nationalists shouldn’t serve in the military

By Lauren Wolman, Military Times, Jul 21, 2023:

When Members of Congress don’t understand the danger of extremism in the military nor object to white nationalists in the ranks, we have a serious problem. While some lawmakers have backtracked on comments making light of white nationalism, they still serve as a timely reality check: most Americans do not understand the nature of this threat.

Extremism rooted in hate is affecting every facet of our society — the military included.

And that extremism is often expressed through the tenets of white nationalism. It is a term that originated among white supremacists as a euphemism for white supremacy. Some even distinguish it further by using it to refer to a form of white supremacy that emphasizes defining a country or region by white racial identity and which seeks to promote the interests of whites exclusively, typically at the expense of people of other backgrounds. It’s an ideology grounded in racism, antisemitism and intolerance. This isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact. This, and any other form of hate, does not belong in our armed forces…..

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