Watch Shocking Arizona-Mexico Border Threat Briefing by Cochise County Sheriff

We take you on a private Border Security Briefing with the Cochise County Arizona Sheriff’s Office.

WATCH: Arizona-Mexico Threat Briefing

Sargent Tim Williams, SABRE Supervisor, teaches us the work they do protecting the citizens of Cochise County Arizona from a violent Mexican cartel presence.

You will learn some of the clever ways drug mules hide their tracks and evade capture from law enforcement.

You will learn the cartels have more than enough American citizens on their payrolls to act as human and drug smuggling supervisors.

You will learn how the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office and the county prosecutors implemented a plan that will guarantee a two-year mandatory sentence for all drug traffickers caught in Cochise County.

Two years of mandatory jail time may seem like a light sentence, and you would be right, but there is a bigger picture here.

As in any business, a cartel’s logistics department is responsible for delivering drugs over the Mexican border. Drug mules are the primary means of delivering drugs over the border.

Sargent Tim Williams explains that when a drug trafficker, a.k.a. mule, is caught that 2-year mandatory sentence gets them out of the game for 2 years.

There is not an endless supply of drug mules because the work is dangerous, physically restrictive for most people, and you have to be strong enough to carry anywhere from 100-200 pounds of drugs for dozens of miles over rocky mountainous terrain all while evading capture from the men and women of Cochise County Arizona Sheriff’s Office.

Cochise County Sheriffs have apprehended and sent to prison enough drug mules that the cartels took notice. The cartel leadership decided it was not worth the risk and cost of losing their drug mules in Cochise County.

Now the ranchers and citizens of Cochise County are safer than have ever been in decades.

Good things happen when law enforcement and state prosecutors work together making the Cochise County AZ – Mexico Border something the cartels avoid – resulting in greater border security.

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