VIDEO: Off-the-Grid Farmer Just Dropped the ‘Most Listened to Song on Earth’

A reader sent us this tweet. This young man has it right.


Here are some of the responses to his song.

Sandy Hardy @har26606511, “I remember Rush saying this. That we needed more conservative people stepping up to compete with the left’s narrative.”

Slim Pick’em @Slim_Pickem, “What is his name? I need to follow his music.”

Eric Hoglund @EricHoglund6, “AI will never be able to create authentic content like this.”

Eric W. Davis @EricDavis_W, “This song gave me goosebumps.”

Tradwife Tina @pieceofmymynd, “I hope someone interviews this man soon. We gotta hear his story!”

We agree. This man get it.

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