‘Bud Light Them’: Skittles Sparks Outrage After Strange Pro-LGBTQ Packaging

We’ve got another Bud Light on our hands, ladies and gents!

After putting out some strange pro-LGBTQ packaging, Skittles is getting blasted with lash back from Americans who have now turned sour on the candy. In fact, they’re now gloriously calling for a Bud Light-style boycott on the rainbow brand.

Skittles’ parent company, the Wrigley Company (which is owned by Mars Incorporated), sparked outrage after switching up the traditional rainbow packaging for messages and illustrations that promote the LGBTQ community. Now black and white, the packaging features phrases such as “Black Trans Lives Matter” and “Joy is Resistance.”

Designed in a collaboration with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, this is the fourth year that Skittles has worked with the organization to promote LGBTQ sentiment.

And the backlash towards Skittles has been great ever since:

I can’t help but to chuckle at this whole thing.

Since we’ve been going through the Bud Light disaster with their fiasco with Dylan Mulvaney, the left has been pushing back on our argument of “stop pushing this stuff on our kids” with “it’s a beer though, not for kids” … so what’s their response now?

You literally have candy (all kids’ first true love) out here pushing LGBTQ messaging on children now, and they’ve been doing it for years at this point. So, lefties, I have to ask you … why are you supporting this stuff being pushed on kids?

Sounds a bit creepy to me, just sayin’.




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