Watch ‘China HELPLESS Against New U.S. Strategy Littoral’—A Suicide Mission at Best!

LITTORAL: The littoral compromises two segments of battlespace: 1. Seaward: the area from the open ocean to the shore, which must be controlled to support operations ashore. 2. Landward: the area inland from the shore that can be supported and defended directly from the sea. (JP 3-32) (US DoD)

“Littoral”=A Suicide mission at best!

This idiot idea would not have even been thought of under a real Commander-in-Chief like Donald J. Trump.

At the first sign that China is going to launch missiles at Taiwan the US Military should take out all of their missile sites in a pre-emptive first strike using our own cruise missiles launched from ships, bombers and submarines. If the Communist Chinese were still afraid of the U.S. Military there would be no need for even talk about this ridiculous FD 2030 plan.

However, under Obama clone Austin in charge of DOD and a limp wristed JCS and most current major flag rank commanders they are laughing at us.

WATCH: China HELPLESS Against New U.S. Strategy

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