Agenda 21 is Agenda America Done!

Do you think they even realize their hypocrisy or just completely oblivious that they are doing EXACTLY what they said they were against. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.

For example…

They don’t like Christopher Columbus , they want his statue removed because they say Columbus just barged in and claimed land that wasn’t his and ran out the people already occupying that land. Well….. isn’t that exactly what they did when they barged in and claimed 6 blocks of Seattle that wasn’t theirs and ran people out?!?

Or, they said they hate walls, claim they don’t work, are immoral , and we don’t need physical boundaries to define our borders. But …. the first thing they did was build little walls and make borders around their newly stolen land.

And… they built Chaz/Chop because of the unjust terrible murder of a black man, painting BLM everywhere and chanting black lives matter. But since the founding of their little stolen walled up nation, three black males were murdered in just 3 weeks. If you do the statistics per capita, that’s a higher rate of innocent blacks being murdered than Chicago. I didn’t hear anything said about those individuals. Where were the marches , the protests, the outrage, they didn’t matter? I think they did.

It’s really pretty sad because I do believe black lives matter , as far as the statement goes. But I don’t think the BLM organization means the same thing. At least get better leaders and stop sabotaging the “statement “ by doing the same things your movement says they are united against and trying to change. Kind of makes what is a real, an agreed on, powerful phrase at it’s core and literal meaning…look like a joke. They’d get much more support if the BLM organization actually acted and believed what the phrase actually means, as most of us do. But a rich old white guy, Soros’s, helps fund the movement and money funnels back to the DNC to a bunch of crooked old white men.

The agenda is a global Marxist movement , just read the website. Would it be better if they named it “Black Lives Matter to Americans” and then stayed true to promoting their cause and fighting injustices of black Americans , paid for by Americans and benefiting only black Americans , not crooked politicians or globalist billionaires. They are just using the movement to support their own agenda. They don’t really care or many of these problems would have been fixed by now. Shit most of them have been in power 40-50yrs. Now all the sudden they want to help, f***ing please.

The only person that has made significant improvements in the lives of black Americans and have been doing much better under is Trump. The following in just 3 years:

  • Prison reform
  • 1st Step program getting people released early, because of the unfair Clinton crime bill.
  • School choice
  • Creating opportunity zones to stimulate the economy of low income communities.
  • Giving a $365 million dollar grant to historic black universities
  • Creating the lowest black unemployment rate in US history.
  • Lower taxes

And many more.

If BLM really means BLM, then ditch the Marxist philosophy, say “no thanks” to globalist billionaire’s money and kick the do-nothing Democrats and their racist policies to the curb. Try something different to make change and support the party that was founded on and still is the pro-black agenda. Just read a history book to see that. Or vote the same people that have hurt black people since the party formed and see if this year it will change. Do you really think Biden with his clearly racist past and dementia is going go help? I wouldn’t hold my breath. They only thing they care about is your vote. That’s clearly obvious by their track record of what the haven’t done for the black community. Such a joke.

But don’t take it from me or even common sense , take it from this civil rights activist in the article, or Martin Luther King Jr’s niece, Alveda king, or Burgess Owens, Larry Elders, Candice Owens, Kanye, Allen West , Dr Carol Swain, Herman Cain, Condoleezza Rice, Tim Scott, Will Curd, Stacey Dash, Ben Carson, Allen West, Shaquille O’Neil, James earl Jones, Dwayne Johnson, LL Cool J, .50 cent and so many more.

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