Democrat Ruling Class Mulls Post-Civil War Measures To Bar Trump From The Presidency

High treason. Did the Democrats forget they lost the last civil war? Going for two and 0.

Authoritarian Ruling Class Mulls Post-Civil War Measures To Bar Trump From The Presidency

Anti-Trump legal scholars have been arguing that the third clause of the 14th Amendment, a post-Civil War measure barring Confederates from holding public office after participating in an insurrection, can be used against Donald Trump. Attaching a broken boxcar to the back of this moving train, an Aug. 25 essay at Politico casually compares the case for 14th Amendment disqualification from the presidency to the disqualification of southern congressmen during the Civil War.

You may have already spotted a problem in that last sentence because the story Joshua Zeitz writes about Trump and the 14th Amendment has nothing to do with the 14th Amendment: It’s a story about the refusal of the House of Representatives to take notice of southern congressman in 1864, well before the Reconstruction amendments were ratified. With that in mind, go read it.

The subtext speaks louder than the text. Notice the framing; notice the language that colors the argument. Here’s how Zeitz describes the context for the 14th Amendment: “They had vanquished the Confederacy and compelled Southern states to remain in the Union.”

Here’s how he opens his description of the contest over who would be seated in the House in 1864:

These events alarmed and appalled most Republicans, and especially radicals like Rep. Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania, the grim-faced, irascible “Dictator of the House.” With his piercing gaze and ruthless authority, Stevens, who served as chair of the Ways and Means Committee during the war, was also the unspoken floor leader for the House Republican caucus. He maintained tight control over the chamber, even as he advocated policies that were far more radical than his caucus in his desire to punish the South and impose Black political and economic equality. Stevens advanced the idea that the Southern states were “conquered territories,” their residents no longer citizens of the U.S. and certainly not entitled to govern themselves, let alone participate in the governance of the whole nation.

So what should we do about Donald Trump? Well, there’s this great moment in history in which a grim-faced dictator maintained tight control for the purpose of implementing radically punitive policies over conquered territories to dominate people who were not entitled to govern themselves

That’s the discussion we’re having. The people Angelo Codevilla called the American ruling class, the hegemonic academic-political-media hive people, are now casually discussing Trump and Trump voters as a conquered people who have to be dominated and kept out of the system of self-government. Because Trump is a dangerous authoritarian, you see.

Start looking for this unstated premise, and you’ll start finding it everywhere. There are no legitimate arguments to the right of Hakeem Jeffries; there is only dangerous Putin-influenced extremism that must be firmly suppressed. We are not engaged in anything resembling political debate.

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  1. Ronald Harvey
    Ronald Harvey says:

    I had never thought of our political position in these terms, but they fit like a glove.

    1. The Election was Stolen and we were incapable/unwilling of doing anything about it. We essentially rolled over when we should have offered fierce, irresistible opposition.
    2. Joe Biden, an illegitimate usurper, took office and immediately Declared War on his enemies – The American People.
    3. The REVOLUTIONARY COMMUCRAT PARTY (RCP) has won that war. We are a defeated people and a conquered land. And what do you do to a conquered land? You plunder it and stuff as much of it into your own pockets as possible, just as Biden has.

    Therefore, I would suggest we do something to turn the tables. We need to convince the Federal Election Commission to De-Certify the Democrat Party (the RCP). This has never been done before, but if we are able, we must do it now.


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