Operation Depopulation: Dissecting the Death Dart Series

This is the first in a series of columns I am writing on the Covid jab.

Most of us have heard reports of the jab injuries coming out. Whether myocarditis, blood clots, the newly discovered “SADS” (sudden adult death syndrome), immune disorders and the uptick in cancers; the Covid shot is clearly not safe nor does it work. Every jabbed person I know has also gotten the virus, most multiple times. So, all these people got an experimental shot of a novel technology that has obvious risks for absolutely no reason at all. We can thank our politicians and the worthless media for this atrocity.

So why did the mainstream media, and our elected and unelected officials push this experiment on the American people without the proper safety data or trials needed to justify a mass vaccination campaign in the middle of the pandemic?

This question I will cover later in the series. Well, we can speculate for several reasons, but the most evident reasons are depopulation, money, and control. Let us break these down.

First, depopulation is an obvious reason. In 1992, at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 178 world leaders signed the United Nation’s document called Agenda 21. The name has changed quite a few times to keep the public confused and give it a nice spin. It has also been called Agenda 2030, Smart Growth, Substantiable Development, Growth Management, among others. However, all those names are describing the original document, Agenda 21, or agenda for the 21st century.

The term Sustainable Development was coined in 1987 in a document called Our Common Future, produced by the U.N Commission on Environment and Energy Development. That committee was chaired by Gro Harlem Brundtland, the former Prime Minister of Norway, former head of the W.H.O. and the Vice President of the Socialist International organization. This document led to the Earth Summit which created the global plan included in Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 calls for a profound reorientation of human society and collective decision making, unlike anything we have ever seen before. It consists of an unprecedented deployment of human and financial resources that will affect every human interaction and will be integrated in every person’s day-to-day life. It was signed by George H.W. Bush in 1992 as a soft treaty and every president except Trump has reaffirmed its goals.

Agenda 21 can be broken down into three parts: economic equality or redistribution of wealth, social justice, and environmentalism. It calls for the elimination of private property and private transportation and replaced with urban housing and public transit. This plan was slow growing for the next thirteen years. Cities and towns worldwide joined ICLEI, a UN accredited organization that encourages smart growth. But the housing crash of 2007-2008 opened the door for Agenda 21. President Obama gave us a glimpse of this in his campaign speech in Rosenburg, Oregon. He said, “we can’t drive our SUV’s, and you know, eat as much as we want, and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times, whether we live in the desert or we live in the tundra, and just expect that every other country is going to say, “oh, okay, you go ahead and keep on using 25% of the world’s energy even though you only account for 3% of the population. We will be fine, do not worry about us.”

Since 2008, our government has been actively implementing Agenda 21 using federal grants, the HUD, and the EPA. Agenda 21’s goals are not new; they are old school Marxism repackaged.

Another goal of Agenda 21 is depopulation. The goal is to depopulate the planet by 90% to lessen the environmental impact and protect the planet for the future. So how convenient that the man made Covid pandemic comes along which has continued to kill people going on now for three years. If they do not get you with the deadly hospital protocols, then they will kill you with the genetic vaccines. The virus and the jab are both manufactured bioweapons that serve the purpose of wiping out as many people as possible. The numbers are clearly under reported, but according to the worldwide ticker, so far, the virus has killed almost seven million and the jab deaths are increasing daily.

One study stated that the jabs were killing up to 10,000 a day and that is only the start. Not to mention the reports of miscarriages and infertility in both women and men among the so called vaccinated. The rising death toll can be attributed to the following, all which will be covered in future columns of my Death Dart series:

  1. Mass vaccination in the middle of the campaign which keeps the virus mutating,
  2. The jab being made of deadly heavy metals and not effective against the virus,
  3. Denial and a disinformation campaign of safe early treatments,
  4. and Deadly, experimental hospital protocols.

We can only imagine the total number of innocent humans that these bioweapons will kill before this dark time in our history is over. But we do know this goes right in line with Agenda 21’s goals and the desires of the globalist elites, such as Bill Gates.

“If we do a really good job on vaccines, health care and reproductive services, we can at least lower the population perhaps by 10 to 15 percent.” Bill Gates

We must move quickly and create our own agenda, an agenda to destroy Agenda 21.

©2023. Carolyn Blakeman. All rights reserved.


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