The Discriminatory Quran

The book of Allah, purportedly the eternal, never-changing charter of conduct for the individual and the society at large, is singularly wanting. It emphatically and repeatedly vilifies and condemns the kefirs — all non-Muslims. About three percent of the verses of the Quran seem to say something positive about non-Muslims. Yet even these few verses are immediately followed by verses that discard them.

First, there was the Islam of Mecca or the Islam of weakness. For thirteen years, Muhammad’s teachings, as recorded in the early suras of the Quran, were about hellfire and damnation, not punishment of the unbelievers in this world. Very few people were attracted to what he preached. The people scorned the man, harassed him, and eventually made him flee his hometown of Mecca for Medina. Then, a significant mutation occurred: the Islam of Medina, or the “Islam of Tyranny,” arrived on the scene. The Quran’s suras of Medina are replete with exhortations of intolerance, exclusivity, and sanctioning of violence against non-Muslims. This mutation deeply appealed to the temperament of the Arab Bedouins, and they flocked to Muhammad’s beliefs.

The People of the Book, Jews, and Christians are subject to the Quranic approval only if they recognize that their holy books are corrupt while the Quran is the one true book.

Ironically, Allah, whom Muhammad claims to be the creator of all, does not even bother addressing people of other faiths, such as Zoroastrians, Hindus, Buddhists, or those of no faith. Why are all these folks left out? Could it be because Muhammad did not know about them, that Muhammad had contacts only with Jews and Christians?

Muslims and their apologists selectively cite the positive verses of the Quran to impress upon others its goodness and convince them that the book is indeed about peace, tolerance, and the brotherhood of all people. In this spirit of misrepresentation, Islamic organizations in the West spend considerable sums in spreading their propaganda through the media by claiming that Muslims are indeed kin of Jews and Christians and that the only three faiths Islam recognizes are members of the Abrahamic family.
According to Muslims, Islam was made for men. Women are playthings of men. Islam is 100% misogynist. Men are superior to women. Women are to obey men and be beaten when disobeying or misbehaving. Islam is racist. The Quran stipulates that Arabs are superior to all others and clearly condones slavery. It explicitly stipulates discriminatory laws for slaves. Islam denounces other belief systems and marginally recognizes the validity of only two religions, Judaism and Christianity. The nature of Islam is based on violence. It not only condones jihad, it recommends it and promises great rewards for the jihadist.
Here is the truth, as bitter as it may be. Islam is the culprit. Islam is anything but a religion of peace. Violence is at the very core of Islam. In many suras, violence is institutionalized in the Muslim holy book, the Quran.
The Quran as a Charter of Hate

It is impossible to accept the Quran as a book of the loving creator of the universe, as Muslims claim. Why would the creator Allah, an all-merciful and compassionate, as the Quran calls him, vilify, despise, and consider all non-Muslims worthy of torment? Studying the Quran shows it to be a charter of hate more than anything else. A few will suffice:

  • Non-Muslims are the worst beasts (Sura 8:55);
  • Jews are despicable apes (suras 2:65) and say the Jews are like donkeys (Sura 62:5);
  • In the daily prayers that involves seventeen recitations of Al-Fatehe (Sura 1), the Jews are demonized, and the Christians are castigated;
  • The Quran condones terrorism (surahs 8:12, 8:59);
  • Killing a Jew earns the Muslim admission in Allah’s paradise (Sura 9:11).
  • Forbids asking questions about it, because one may lose his faith (Sura 5:101-102);
  • Allah is the one who leads people astray and will punish them for it (suras 5:41, 7:155, 16:53, 6:49);
  • Satan, or the devil, can harm people only by Allah’s permission (Sura 58:10). Would not this make Allah responsible for harming people?
Not long ago, a rapist was acquitted by an Islamic court in the Islamic Republic of Iran for his crime by pleading that Satan made him do it. The judge ruled that he could not punish the real culprit, Satan. The man, therefore, was found not guilty of the crime. A truly Islamic form of justice, squarely based on the Quran.
Unfortunately, Islam cannot be reformed since Islam claims it is the perfect eternal faith for mankind. Splits have occurred and will continue to appear in Islam. Yet reformation has not happened in nearly 1400 years and will not happen. Allah’s book is sealed.

Before long, fanatical Muslims will eventually acquire the Islamic bomb. With the bomb in one hand and the other on the oil spigot, the religion of peace and brotherhood will have the power to bring the non-Muslim world to its knees.

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