What’s Killing America?

SOS! The American Southern border is dangerously and completely open, with thousands of illegal migrants from 160 countries invading our country.

Our National Security is at stake and our existence as a democracy is threatened. It started January 2021 by Biden’s team of the Democrat Party. We have already 6-7 million migrants on our soil, let alone fentanyl and raising crime. If the invasion is not stopped, we will have 20-30 million illegals in our country by the 2024 election and thousands of bad actor’s terrorists and spies. Some Republicans still don’t understand that the crisis on the border is crafted by design of the Biden/Putin collusion and failed Mexican State. There are no Mexican Cartels, those are the Russian Cartels of different criminal groups like MS-13 created by Stalin in 1950-1960s.

If you are old enough to remember Soviet Apparatchiks praising Soviet Socialism and lying without blinking, you will find the same in America today. Just find the Pentagon’s briefing on September 13, 2023 and watch John Kirby. He was asked Why Biden is lying so much? It was a very simple but direct question on the point. Mr. Kirby was confused a bit, but got over it and began defending Biden by lying even more. All members of Biden’s team are constantly lying about everything, crime as a product of poverty, inflation as not a threat and many other different issues. The Dems have no ideas to argue and the lies and fraud helps them to run the regime. It is not a coincidence that I accused Biden’s White House of implementing Soviet Socialism. Yes, they lie and they do that…

For many years, I have been writing and warning you about Soviet Socialism and its Socialist modus operandi: lies, deceit, fabrication, and fraud. I was living under Stalinist Soviet Socialism for fifty years; I know all its features-characteristics and I see all of them in America today. I am especially upset by political dissidents imprisoned in America and censorship like under Stalin’s Police State in Russia. Welcome to Soviet Socialism in America! It is like in the Soviet Union—Inside a Gigantic Network of Falsehood. I want you to hear, believe me, and know the truth. Maybe the words of Thomas Sowell convince you by his logic:

If crime is a product of poverty and discrimination as they say endlessly, why was there so much less of it when poverty and discrimination were much worse than today? If massive programs are the only hope to reduce violence in the ghetto, why was there so much less violence long before anyone ever thought of these programs?

Thomas Sowell is right: “At least as far back as the 18th century, the left has struggled to avoid facing the plain fact of evil — that some people simply choose to do things that they know to be wrong when they do them. Every kind of excuse, from poverty to an unhappy childhood, is used by the left to explain and excuse evil. Why has evil been such a hard concept for many on the left to accept? The basic agenda of the left is to change external conditions. But what if the problem is internal? What if the real problem is the cussedness of human beings?” I will continue his thoughts about evil, because I have been writing about evil for forty-two years.

Marxist Theory was quite a popular political philosophy in the 19th century, however, none of the industrial European countries has launched the Socialist Revolution. The irony of the time had been the Socialist Revolution of 1917 in Russia, an agricultural Euro-Asian country. I am raising the issue for a reason. Marxist Theory is a dead evil and talking about Marxism, you at least, should know it. Yet, I have been writing about very alive and critically deadly evil—Stalinism, the Soviet people called the system of Soviet Socialism, I called it Soviet Fascism. I’ve educated the American public about Stalinism for decades. Here is only one column among hundreds.

American Marxism vs. American Stalinism

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” — Joseph Goebbels

I have been writing about Russian and Chinese espionage for the last forty years to educate the American people with my deep concern over American national security in the 20th century. Yes, our national security is at stake, because Russia, China, and the “Axis of Evil” under Russia’s umbrella continue attacking us in the 21st century. Turmoil in Russia puts the World at an additional high risk. The revolt of Wagner was an effective force with active Military and Intel Apparatus–the revolt was a part of the coup with 25.000 000 mercenaries. Putin maneuvered very fast and successfully; Wagner’s boss was exiled to Belarus. I don’t know why Evgeniy Prigozhin has surrendered. It can be a game of Russian disinformation as well…

The crack in Russia is not occidental, on the contrary, it is normal and regular. The country under several different names has been living in Soviet Socialism, which are lies, deceit, fabrication, and fraud. Soviet Socialism has very little to go with Marxism—Marxism is Theory. I have been studying Marxism at Law School for four years. Soviet Socialism has been invented by Comrade Stalin in contrast to Marxist Theory and its ideas. Here is the prove:

Creating the Theory of Socialism and Communism as a means of rooting out the exploitation of man by man, Marx and Engels purposely divided it into two phases: the first phase was Socialism and the second –- Communism. They identified in detail the tasks, agendas, and ways to achieve them in the “Theory”, as follows:

  • First – the tasks and agenda—overthrowing the capitalist economic system and establishing Socialism as a basis for the creation of a classless Communist society in the future.
  • Second – how to fulfill the tasks and agenda—through World Revolution.
  • Third – the World Revolution would occur under the leadership of the proletariat.  “Proletariats of the world unite!” was their slogan.
  • Fourth – Marxist Theory can be applied only in industrially developed European

Pay attention to the fourth point:” Marxist Theory can be applied only in industrially developed European countries.” Russia was an agricultural country and has never been an industrially developed European country. The creation by Stalin of his system of Soviet Socialism was in direct opposition to Marxism. It was a typical Stalinist fraud as Socialism couldn’t exist without the government force. To create Soviet Socialism, Stalin used Marxist rhetoric to establish his own system that was completely intertwined with punitive agencies. The creation of the Soviet Mafia, Socialist modus operandi, and the KGB’s Mafia/Army had been a necessity for Stalin to help deceive and defraud the Soviet people.  A devoted disciple of Stalin/Andropov, Vladimir Putin is still keeping the Soviet system of punitive agencies in Russia after the Soviet Socialism had collapsed. The Democrat Party: A Party of Disinformation and Fraud May 21, 2023.

I’ve presented this column for a reason. A very respectful Republican, Mark R, Levin has written the book American Marxism, Threshold Editions, a division of Simon & Schuster, 2021. I haven’t read the book; the title stopped me. I categorically disagree with it and expressed my disagreement in several columns during forty-two years. American Marxism has confused 300 million Americans and diverted attention from the actual culprit–Stalinism. Marxism or Stalinism is a monumental question of the time, which required knowledge of both. The dilemma of a few Republicans is the exact absences of that knowledge. I see in America what I lived through in Russia: Language control to cover up the truth. I wrote many columns on Stalin’s Political Correctness. Read them and learn that Stalin is the author of Political Correctness known to you PC today. There are more: racism and Anti-Semitism, legalization of violence, destruction of traditions and customs, creation of centralized state in America by the Democrat Party.

I have been writing about the Democrat Party for forty-two years. I saw how the KGB’s Mafia/Army killed Truman’s Party and created America’s Socialist Party, which was following the Socialist modus operandi and aggressively confronted a political system of American Constitutional republic, designed and left to us by our Founding Fathers.  Canada Free Press echoing me:

“’ll start with several ifs. If the Democrat National Committee (DNC) employs the same tactics in 2024 as it did in the 2020 election, if the corrupt Deep State and the intelligence community cooperate with the DNC, if Election Day remains election ‘season’, then I see no win in 2024 for any Republican. No matter who runs on the Democrat ticket in 2024, the Democrats will win. What the people want is of no concern. They cannot allow Trump or any conservative to occupy the White House. “By Ray DiLorenzo, 14 Months to Live, Canada Free Press, 9/17/2023.

The author is very eloquently introduced the Democrat Party. “Democrats no longer have the inner moral virtue necessary to do anything else. It’s a ‘they can, so they will’ situation. Once you know how to cheat and get away with it, it becomes nearly impossible to do anything else.

All communist or fascist countries operate in the same fashion. They resemble James Bond movies. Think Specter. A crime organization takes over a country and runs it as such—organized crime. They control the military, the wheels of government, business, and the people through taxes, control of healthcare, and the gun. Confederates in strategic locations are paid handsomely for their cooperation and are placed in a situation from which they are unable to escape lest they be hung with the rest as accessories to a crime—in many cases, treason.”

That is a logic and sense I’ve written The Democrat Party is No.1 Enemy of the American Republic June 18, 2020. Mark Levin also wrote another book: The Democrat Party Hates America in 2023, where he presented a detailed history of the Democrat Party—not an attractive picture. But the Dems are not alone—they are supervised by Stalinist KGB’s Mafia/Army. Has Mark learned more since his American Marxism? Not a lot. Has he researched Stalinism? Has he offered a solution? No. Even a recent friendship of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un didn’t awaken the Republicans’ wisdom. They don’t know that Stalin had established North Korea to start a never-ending war against Western civilization, we are participating today. Do you remember Vietnam, Cambodia and many other wars? Without the knowledge of Stalinist KGB’s Mafia/Army—the Evil Doer, there is no solution for America and the world.

I have been writing about Russia as a terrorist country for decades. Just go to current Russia and learn the recent Putin’s public call for a “self-cleansing,” which is simply dividing the population into “patriots” versus “national traitors” or a “fifth column.” Is this familiar to you? American Attorney General Garland called for a similar policy in America. Do you remember it? Have you seen him grilled for two tiers of Justice in America by the Republicans on the House Hearing of Judiciary Committee? But both examples identified the same policy of totalitarianism—Stalinism, the Republicans still don’t know and can lose the 2024 election, because of that. Due to Biden’s policy and his Socialist dirty tricks our debt is $33 Trillion!!! But only one Representative mentioned the name of the KGB that destroys America from within this minute … If you want to see and hear it, find the speech of the indignant Victoria Spartz. I sent her my column a week ago and I believe that my information about the KGB’s Mafia/Army gave her the energy for such an incredible indignation, she has expressed. She learned who’s killing America.

To be continued www.drrichswier.com/uathor/spipko/ and at www.simonapipko.com

©2023. Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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