Joe Biden’s younger brother Frank admits naked selfie on ‘GuysWithiPhones’ gay dating site is genuine!

Well it seems that the Biden family is just chock full with those who are perverted.

It seems Frank Biden is a member of the GuysWithiPhones gay dating website. Maybe Apple will recruit Frank to promote their new iPhone 15?

I heard that it takes great selfies.

In an October 9, 2023 The Daily Mail article titled EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden’s younger brother Frank admits naked selfie on GuysWithiPhones gay dating site is genuine. ‘My phone must have been hacked’  Josh Boswell reports,

  • has obtained a naked selfie of Frank Biden, President Joe Biden’s younger brother
  • The photo was uploaded to a gay porn website Guys With in 2018 when Frank was 64
  • When approached by, Frank conceded he was the man in the photo but denied posting it online saying his phone must have been hacked

A naked selfie of Joe Biden‘s brother Frank has been discovered on a gay porn site.

The photo was uploaded to in 2018, when Frank – who has a long-term female partner Mindy Ward – was 64.

It was first unearthed by right wing nonprofit Marco Polo, which has been investigating the Biden family for alleged political corruption and crimes for years.

When approached by, Frank, 69, conceded he was the man in the photo but denied he was the one who posted it.

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Here’s a post on X:

On November 18, 2002 Politico called Joe Biden a “gay icon”, writing, “But on the issue of gay rights, Biden has been ahead of the political curve for a decade now. And he’s about to become a central figure in the historic movement for the second time.”

Can we now add Joe’s younger brother Frank as a gay “icon two”, pun intended. 

This revelation adds to the growing list of perversions, high crimes and misdemeanors committed by Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. and his extensive crime family.

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