Political Correctness Causes Amorality, Cultural Destruction and led to Hamas’ War Against the Free World

“The term ‘political correctness’ has always appalled me, reminding me of Orwell’s ‘Thought Police’ and fascist regimes.”Helmut Newton

“…These politically correct language initiatives are misguided and harmful. They create highly entitled professional ‘victims’ who expect to be free from any offense, and they engender a stifling atmosphere where all individuals walk on eggshells lest they might commit a linguistic capital crime.” ― Gad Saad 

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’” ― Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The first recorded use of the term “Islamophobia” in English was in 1923 in an article titled The History of Religions in The Journal of Theological Studies.

The term was given an official imprimatur in 2004 when Ghanaian Kofi Annan, then the UN Secretary-General, said the word Islamophobia had to be coined in order to “take account of increasingly widespread bigotry.”

QUESTION: Where is this “increasingly widespread bigotry” that Kofi Annan is referring to?

Watch what these Muslim students in Gaza are being taught,

Are these young children being brainwashed to believe that war, specifically with Israel and Jews, is the only way to live?

Is it true that doing this to children is both amoral and culturally destructive?

In this October 29, 2015 video Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a human rights activist and author, about being labeled an “Islamophobe.” Ayaan Hirsi Ali the difference between Islam as a religion and Islam as a political movement such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinians, etc.

In an April 24, 2023 column titled Political Correctness is the Incubator of Islamofascism Amil Imani wrote,

Time and again we are told by the politically correct “experts” not to worry about Islam posing a threat to our way of life. We are repeatedly lectured that only a very small minority of Muslims are troublemakers who are giving the peaceful masses of Muslims a bad name. We are also informed that the terrorists, who happened to be Muslims, are disaffected and young. And not to worry, since as the fire of youth turns to ashes of old age the rebellious will mellow, as they always have.

With heavy assurances like this, coming from so many know-it-all authoritative figures, we can sleep soundly without the aid of sleeping pills. After all, people reason that these pundits are “experts” whose job is to know and tell it like it is. Those who voice contrary views must be a bunch of racists, and alarmist hatemongers. Who is right?

Wouldn’t be more prudent to let the facts settle the matter, rather than blindly accepting either position? Of course it would, except for one huge problem. In the face of threats, people tend to go to the mind’s medicine cabinet and take a few denial and rationalization pills, in the same way, that it is the aspirin bottle they turn to when a headache strikes. Why not? We are the Easy Species. We love effortless, quick, and simple solutions. And that’s not invariably bad. It has given us all kinds of labor and time-saving devices.

Yet, the Islam problem is very real and deadly. Neither the pronouncements of the experts nor the tranquilizing pills of the mind can make it go away. It is here and it shows every sign of imposing itself on us. Let us look at some of the facts.

  • Not every Muslim wears an explosive vest ready to detonate in the midst of a crowd of innocent civilians, yet there are more volunteers for the mission than there are explosive vests. The Islamic Republic of Iran, for instance, hasn’t even officially joined this form of jihad. Yet, by its own admission, it has over 10,000 volunteers trained and ready to be deployed, and thousands more queuing to join in. This time around, the jihadists heading for Allah’s heaven might come fitted with nice little suitcases of dirty bombs instead of the bulky explosive vests. Recall that it took only 19 of these killers to launch the aerial mass murder of 9/11 that killed 3,000 people, shattered our open trusting way of life, and cost us billions of dollars.
  • The jihadists are not confined to a minority of disaffected Muslim youth. How young are Bin Laden, his deputy doctor of death Al Zawahiri, Mullah Omar of the Taliban, Khamenei, and Rafsanjani of Iran, just to name a few? How disaffected are they? Muhammad Ata, leader of the 19 airborne thugs and the decapitator of Wall Street Journal reporter Pearl was somewhat younger, yet well-healed and Western-educated.
  • Just coin some terms such as the “Melting Pot,” or “Multiculturalism” and you have the problem solved? Roll out the red carpet for the immigrant Muslims, treat them as you would your own citizens, give them stipends, medical care, and free education and they will integrate seamlessly into society. No such thing at all. The idea of a Melting Pot may work with people who come from different lands to make the new country their home. The Islamists, on the other hand, come with the belief that they already own the place and want to make it part of the Ummah. Some forty percent of second and third-generation Muslim Britons reject British democracy, express their allegiance to Islam, and want to live under Sharia. So much for the Melting Pot comfort pill.
  • The new Islamist arrivals take advantage of the provisions of the most benign system known to humanity, democracy, to implode it from within. Muslims, by sheer numbers, will soon be in a position to vote out democracy in many countries. They are already doing that in bits and pieces. They are imposing many of their values, in a number of societies, even while they are in the minority. Politicians, hungry for votes and devoted to the practice of political correctness bend backward to accede to Islamists’ demands.
  • As for Multiculturalism, it is even more of a delusion than the Melting Pot myth. It is a second-generation Comfort Pill. Since the Melting Pot proved to be worse than a placebo, the politically correct gave us the new pill. A glance at Europe shows how Multiculturalism in fact has served as the incubator of Islamism in no time at all. Europe’s Multiculturalism is rapidly birthing a Uniculturalism, if the Islamists’ medieval way of life can be dignified as a culture.
  • Respect for diversity, separation of religion and state, and freedom of belief and expression, are pillars of democracy, yet anathema to Islam. In no Islamic land do you find an ecumenical organization? It is only in non-Islamic countries that the shameless duplicitous Muslim, be he an imam, a mullah, or a regular run-of-the-mill faithful of Allah, meekly participates in ecumenical feel-good gatherings.
  • To Muslims, no other religion is deemed worthy of recognition, much less accommodation. There is no church, synagogue, or Buddhist temple in all of Saudi Arabia. They are barred. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s raft of genocidal pogroms includes the heinous practice of bulldozing even the cemeteries of its Baha’i religious minority. The Islamic tyranny of the mullahs imprisons Christian Iranians for celebrating Christmas. Egypt denies its own citizens’ identity cards for refusing to lie and fake their religious beliefs or disbelief. The ID cards are required for education, securing work, receiving medical care, and just about every right of citizenship. Without it, a citizen is literally subjected to a slow death.
  • In Islam only Muslim men, and, to a lesser extent, Muslim women, are entitled to certain rights. All non-Muslims, including the so-called people of the book, namely Christians and Jews, are at best second-class subjects, subjects who must pay the back-breaking Jizya, poll tax, for their “sin” of not converting to Islam. So, as Islam makes its inroads in new lands, as its membership swells through explosive birth and conversion, secular democracies will be inevitably replaced by Islamism with its stone-age Sharia laws. The best offer that Islam will make is to spare the non-Muslim’s life if he puts on the heavy yoke of Jizya for the rest of his living days.
  • Not to worry about the horrific things that are happening on the other side of the world? If Muslims act heinously toward non-Muslims, it is just how things are in those countries and is hardly any of our business. This is the same attitude that set the Islamization of Europe on a seemingly irreversible track. One European country after another is rapidly buckling under the weight of Islamism.
  • Most importantly, not to worry about the Islamization of our country? After all, Muslims are about 6-7 million in a population of nearly 300 million, you reason? That even a smaller number of these Muslims are hothead radicals, while the majority is just like everyone else? But small minorities can overwhelm the majority by use of coercion and deadly force. Islamists are notorious for their dedication to the use of force for achieving their aims. The Taliban were a very small minority in Afghanistan, the Islamists were a tiny faction in the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran. Both overwhelmed the masses and imposed their reign of terror. The terrorist Hamas is also a “minority” in number, yet it rules the Palestinian Territory. Hezbollah of Lebanon is a minority, yet it has taken the country to the verge of destruction.
  • Islamists are Islam’s locomotive that takes the wrecking-ball Islamic train on its demolition course. Islam and democracy are incompatible. As democracies practice their magnificent accommodating belief, they knowingly or unknowingly lay the track for the advancing wrecking train of Islam. We, in the United States of America, must resist Islam while it is still gathering momentum unless we wish to end up in the same fix as the Europeans.
  • We, in the United States, further need to embark on a comprehensive legal, educational, and social campaign to eradicate the deadly plague of Islam. By effective action, we even save those peaceful Muslims from their own affliction. I am not hatemongering. I would love to see all Muslims become ex-Muslims and full-fledged members of a diverse tolerant democratic society. It is a statement of fact about what Islam is. Islam is a highly communicable pandemic-violent disease that demands urgent and serious containment.

Europe is already badly infected with Islamism. It is the coal miners’ canary. It is telling us that the next stop is America. We must act and act now. We must not sacrifice our cherished way of life and our children’s lives at the altar of political correctness: the incubator of Islamofascism.

Today we are seeing how the myth of Islamophobia has given cover to Islamofascism, a.k.a. political Islam, in America and around the world.

Islamofasists include Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Taliban, Al Qaeda and many many more.

Time to wake up and speak freely about how dangerous political Islam truly can be.

©2023. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


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  1. Royal A Brown III
    Royal A Brown III says:

    Great artilce and speaks to TRUTH. We conservatives who love our country, our family and our Constitution are constantly criticized by the Marxist left for speaking the TRUTH about the destructiveness of their agenda. They use Political Correctness to squash our 1st Amendment Rights but they can say anything they want and get away with it.

    Why? Because our media, education system, entertainment industry, military at top levels, Administrative (Deep) state including the intelligence community and now even woke corporations are with the Marxist left and; unfortunately many low intormation voters who lack critical thinking agree with their anti-Constitutional Republic agenda/ideology.


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