Ballotpedia’s Top Ballot Measures to Watch on Election Night 2023

MIDDLETON, Wis./PRNewswire/ — Voters in five states will decide on 28 statewide ballot measures in the general election on November 7—the highest number of state ballot measures in an odd-numbered year since 2007.

“During an odd-numbered election year, we highlight more state-specific conflicts because there are, generally, fewer measures overall,” said Ryan Byrne, Ballotpedia managing editor and ballot measure team lead. “These elections can be as exciting, contentious, expensive, and important as any race for elected office.”

While Ballotpedia’s editorial and ballot measure teams are watching all of the ballot measures closely, they identified these as the “top ten to watch” this year.  “These ballot measures relate to broader political debates, such as abortion, marijuana legalization, and taxes, and they can have a sizable influence on policy discussions nationwide,” said Byrne.

Ballot Measures to Watch

Ballot Measure Key Trends in 2023

Abortion: In 2022, following Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, there were six ballot measures addressing abortion, including three constitutional amendments to establish a state constitutional right to abortion. Voters approved each one. In 2023, there is one—Ohio Issue 1, the Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Including Abortion Initiative.

Marijuana: Heading into November, marijuana is legal in 23 states and D.C. Fourteen (14) of those 23 states had legalized marijuana through the ballot measure process. Voters in Ohio will decide on Issue 2, which would legalize the recreational or personal use of marijuana in the state. About 49.07% of the U.S. population lives in a state where marijuana is legal. Approval of Ohio Issue 2 would increase that percentage to 52.56%.

Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV): Voters in four local jurisdictions decide ranked-choice voting measures on Nov. 7. Three are to adopt RCV, and one is to repeal the electoral system. Since 1965, voters have decided on 63 local ballot measures related to RCV. Voters have approved 80.70% of the local measures to adopt RCV and 50.00% of those to repeal RCV.

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