Anti-Hamas Billboard Taken Down in New Jersey

So, genocidal, death to the Jews marches can take place all over the country, shutting down roads, schools, parks with random acts of violence but a lone billboard stating a FACT is immediately taken down.

As more of the horrors of the Islamic attacks on Israel continue to emerge…a baby was found in an oven, baked to death by Hamas terrorists.

Show. No. Mercy.

Anti-Hamas billboard taken down in New Jersey

By: NY Post, October 21, 2023:

A billboard on Route 80 in Bergen County, N.J. that read, “Oh, don’t be naïve. Hamas would chop your head off too,” has been taken down after police received over 100 calls with complaints about it.

“This anti-Hamas billboard on Route 80 in Bogota borough resulted in more than 100 calls to police before it was taken down by organizers,” Shlomo Schorr, associate director of the New Jersey office of Agudath Israel of America, posted on X.

The sign was reportedly put up by the organization JewBelong, which “calls out Jew-hate,” according to its website.

“Our signature pink and white billboards, billboard trucks, website, and strong social media presence powerfully confront antisemitism as well as support Joyous Judaism,” the site states.

Bogota police said they knew about the sign and there were no criminal violations related to it, NJ Advance Media reported.

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