Hamas’ Tunnels of Death

Our contributor Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. sent us a link to an article by Chuck Warren titled “Hamas’ Tunnels of Death.”

The terrorist organization that started this war on October 7th, 2023—a date that will live in infamy—is Hamas, a.k.a. the  Islamic Resistance Movement, حركة المقاومة الإسلامية Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamah al-ʾIslāmiyyah.

To understand who Hamas really is we provide two videos for your edification. One from a man who fought in WWII and was a Holocaust liberator and the second from Prager University.

WATCH: Holocaust Liberator William K. Langfan warned Israel about Hamas!

WATCH: History Gaza Explained by Dennis Prager:

Here are some excerpts from Hamas’ Tunnels of Death to understand the threat that tunnels pose to both Israel and the people of Gaza.

Peace requires the destroying of Hamas’s tunnels

[ … ]

If you thought that urban warfare was difficult, try sub-urban warfare. No, not suburbs in the outskirts of a city, but tunnels beneath one. As the ground invasion of Gaza has started, Israel has to recon with Palestinian tunnels underneath Gaza reaching Israeli towns.

[ … ]

During the 2014 conflict, Israel discovered more than 60 miles of tunnels that made Israel vulnerable. Subsequently, Israel destroyed some of this network. But Israel couldn’t destroy all of it. That would have required too large an operation with too many casualties on both sides. Since then, Hamas has rebuilt its tunnel web, with the Associated Press reporting that “Yehia Sinwar, Hamas’ political leader, claimed in 2021 that the militant group had 500 kilometers (310 miles) of tunnels. The Gaza Strip itself is only some 360 square kilometers (140 square miles), roughly twice the size of Washington, D.C.”

Thus, Israel is faced with a big dilemma:  How to fight a tunnel war?

[ … ]

Israel is not facing any good options. The option that will leave it most secure requires abandoning Jewish law and risking severe civilian casualties and anarchy in Gaza. The option with the best long-term outcome is fighting in the tunnels and destroying them from the inside with considerations for leaving the infrastructure above intact. But this is extremely expensive—financially and more importantly in blood.

Finally, if Hamas (doubtful), the people of Gaza, and their international allies want peace – which every human being should desire – Hamas must give up the tunnels.  There are many elements to reaching peace; however, providing a thorough map of the tunnels and their destruction must be part of any peace agreement.

Read the full article.

NOTE: the opinions expressed herein are those of Chuck Warren only.

©2023. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.



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