This is a Synopsis of Communism.

Communism first surfaced during the late 19th century in the form of street protests. This political ideology grew and grew, and for the first time was implemented in a country in the year 1917. It was in Russia, by dictator Lenin.

Communism is also called Socialism, because it has gotten a very bad name. More than 100 million people worldwide died because of communism.

In the Soviet Union, more than 40 million people were killed.

In China at the very least 50 million people were killed, mostly due to starvation.

In Vietnam more than 1 million people were killed by the Vietcong.

In Cambodia, in the killing fields, more than 1.5 million people were worked to death.

All over the world, everywhere communism has been implemented, it lead to massacres, hunger and poverty.

The theory of communism is that there is no private ownership of material or money. All material and money belong to the state. The state is governed by an elite of intellectuals.

There are no elections, nor is there freedom of speech.

There has been a recent attempt to document the crimes against Humanity by the communists. This resulted in the book: The Black Book of Communism.

The greatest scientist who wrote about communism is Karl A. Wittfogel. He was a China expert, who emigrated from Nazi Germany to America.

A good book about the horrors of communism in Cambodia has been written by Jackson.

The greatest hero against communism, who defeated the Soviet Union, was President Ronald Reagan.

I myself will be in the fight against Marxism, the root philosophy of communism, Socialism and Social Democracy, for the rest of my life.

By the way: Hitler was a Socialist. He mixed Socialism with racism, anti-Semitism, the desire for a Great Germany. And he was very fond of war. He was therefor the most violent and dangerous Socialist that ever lived.

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