TERROR TOWN: Dearborn Heights, Michigan Raises ‘Palestinian’ Flags in Support of Hamas

“Okay but where’s the American flag,” said one commenter.

Dearborn Heights, Michigan raises Palestinian flags in ‘solidarity’ with Gaza

“Okay but where’s the American flag,” said one commenter.

By: Libby Emmons, The Post Millenial Nov 14, 2023:

Local news outlet Dearborn posted a photo on their Instagram page praising the town of Dearborn Heights for plastering their welcome sign with Palestinian flags.

“This morning,” the outlet wrote, “in another show of solidarity, Palestinian flags were placed on the ‘Welcome to Dearborn Heights’ sign along Ford Road, highlighting the city’s support for the people of Palestine.”

Dearborn Heights is 84.1 percent “white,” per the latest census. The comments on the post were not entirely in solidarity with the sentiment.

“Okay but where’s the American flag,” said one commenter.

Another person said “don’t try and change flags in the USA. Our flag flies first then whatever flag. This is AMERICAN LAND. Keep that I’m mind.”

“We need more AMERICAN FLAGS in these ppls hands they all live in America. Where’s the American flag tho?” said another.

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