The Upcoming Dutch Elections

On November the 22nd, general elections will be held in the Kingdom of The Netherlands for the Second Chamber.

There is a lot at stake: though the Dutch economy is doing fairly well, dark clouds are gathering over our country. Unfortunately the political issues that are most important -such as mass immigration from Africa and Arabia, and the threat to our youth by Woke ideology- do not play a major role in the election debate. The issues most talked about by the establishment politicians and their lackeys in the media, are: health care and “bestaanszekerheid”. Bestaanszekerheid is a Dutch word that can be defined as “security of your existence”. In fact, it’s an old socialist concept of giving people a high minimum wage, social security, low rent.

The main players in the elections are:

Geert Wilders. He is the leader of the opposition and he longs desperately to become part of the new to form Government. He is willing to add a lot of water to the wine. He is my choice by the way, for he is the only politician who has the courage to speak the Truth about Islam.

Dilan Yesilgoz. She is the leader of the Dutch Conservative Party, which is nowadays conservative in name only. Mrs. Yesilgoz is a political light weight, but she has the potential to become the next Prime Minister of The Netherlands. A really big issue that I have with her is that she’s Turkish by birth. I’m a proud Dutchman, and I do not want to be ruled by a Turk!

Pieter Omtzigt. He is the leader of a new centrist party, which is however left-leaning. This party could become the winner of the elections. Sadly the leader Mr. Omtzigt doesn’t want to form a coalition with Mr. Wilders.

Frans Timmermans. He is the face of Socialism in Holland. He is also obsessed with his climate hysteria. All his plans are bad for my country. He could become Prime Minister, and that is my worst nightmare.

Less important is Caroline van der Plas. She is the leader of the Farmers Citizens Movement. This party rose to fame by standing up for the Dutch farmers. I doubt that she fights the fight hard enough.

The Dutch Christian Democratic Appeal Party is going to lose big. They used to bring stability, but their voters are fed up with them as they abandoned the farmers.

There are still plenty of others who want to get their hands on the ball, but they are not doing to well in the polls.

Americans, please pray for my little green country on the North Sea!

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