VIDEO: Hamas’ 2019 vows to ‘cut off heads,’ ‘slit throats,’ and ‘slaughter every Jew on the planet’ were ignored

I tried to tell you.

Hamas’ threats to ‘cut off heads,’ ‘slit throats,’ and ‘slaughter every Jew on the planet’ in 2019 were ignored

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, Palestinian Media Watch, November 19, 2023:

Hamas’ massacre of Israelis on October 7 shocked everyone in Israel and abroad. So did the brutality of the attack, the cruelty of the murders, and the inhumanity of the torture.

But there were warnings, and the slaughter of at least 1,200 Israelis, the wounding of over 4,800, and the kidnapping of at least 238 hostages should not have come as a surprise.

One of those warnings was in 2019, when Hamas Political Bureau member Fathi Hammad explained in detail Hamas’ intentions, goals, and aspirations: To murder “every Jew on the planet”:

Hamas Political Bureau member Fathi Hammad: “We are sharpening the knives… We were created here in Gaza to shatter and get rid of this [Zionist] entity…    If we die it will be when we are killing you [Jews], and we will cut off your heads, Allah willing… There are seven million Palestinians abroad… You have Jews everywhere. We must attack every Jew on the planet – slaughter and kill… And you, the people of the West Bank… We want the knives to come out. Five shekels [for a knife] – isn’t the throat of a Jew worth five shekels to us? … I will die as I blow up and cut – what? The throats of the Jews and their legs. We will tear them to shreds, Allah willing.”

[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), July 12, 2019]

Through the prism of Hamas’ massacre and attack on Israel on Oct. 7, the statement by Hammad in 2019 now looks like a chilling forecast. Hammad’s words also stress that Hamas’ goal – as the terror organization states in its charter – is to destroy Israel and kill all Jews, not only in Israel but in the entire world….

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