In the Dutch political capital, The Hague, in the inner-city, you find a set of old buildings that resemble a large castle. They have been built in traditional architectural style. This is the Dutch Parliament. In the only tower (not very high), the Dutch Prime Minister has his office.

I doubt sincerely that the ruling elites will hand Geert Wilders the keys to the tower, even though he won big time yesterday.

Yesterday were the Dutch general elections. Geert Wilders’ his Party for Freedom (PVV) finished as the number 1 with 37 seats in the Second Chamber out of 150.

Thank you all Americans who said a small prayer for my country.

We must however keep in mind, that the people that counted the votes in the large Dutch cities (Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht) are highly educated Leftists. I therefore assume that Wilders and other opposition leaders got far more votes in reality.

Time will tell if my country will go down due to mass immigration, or that we now reached a turning point.

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