U.S. Housing Market under an Intentional Marxist Collapse

The Communist Biden administration working closely with uniparty Socialist (Republican in Name Only) Todd Young from Indiana and Communist Democrat Ben Cardin from Maryland have devised a plan to redistribute your hard earned tax money and give it away to hundreds of thousands of households to help them buy a new home.

The real question should be why can’t Americans afford a new home anymore?

The real question should be why is our economy in the economic septic tank?

Why is the Republican controlled congress still spending us into economic oblivion?

Why are we printing dollars and flooding our economy with this soon to be worthless currency?

These actions by the uniparty Congress have driven up inflation thus increasing the value of homes exponentially.

Then the Marxist led Federal Reserve step in and intentionally force interest rates to go up to artificially control inflation which in turn raises the bar beyond the reach of many Americans who get priced out of the once affordable housing market.

It is not the governments job to reduce housing costs, it’s not the governments job to increase the supply of affordable homes and mitigate the rising expenses of paying for a house.

The Marxist Biden administration has stolen this home ownership opportunity from Americans by its incompetent economic decisions and it’s now only a few can achieve this dream.

Biden’s solution is being the hero to buy votes using the redistribution of our hard earned tax dollars to pay for this insane idea. Pure Communist idealism.

Affordable home ownership is the job of the free markets with a congress that can create a balanced budget and eliminate the fraud waste and abuse of our tax money.

The current housing market is flopping around and slowing dying like a goldfish on the dining room table after it inadvertently jumped out of its bowl.

The Marxist Federal Reserve has viciously raised interest rates burying our economic growth as is evident by the historical data showing it’s the worst housing market since the 1980s.

Mortgage rates have not been this high in twenty years and home prices have jumped resulting in a rapid decrease in supply of homes.

The government response is not to cut the insane wasteful spending, they continue to flood our economy with devalued dollars, they won’t cut interest rates. It’s an intentional assault on our economy my opinion.

The uniparty useless Congress working with Biden instead print or borrow more money from Communist Chinese for unconstitutional redistribution of your declining and potential worthless dollars.

The Communists in the White House stated it was trying to reduce costs for first-time buyers through the the Federal Housing Administration program. Somebody in congress tell them “It’s not their job”!

The best thing the Marxist Biden Administration and the socialist Republican controlled uniparty congress can do is balance the federal budget and reign in wasteful spending. Obviously the Congressional pigs with their snouts in the tax payer trough will not do the right thing at this juncture.

The do nothing Republican controlled Congress should defund and eliminate useless Federal departments like the Department of Education and Labor and Commerce as a start.

They should totally defund the Communist inspired Green New Deal and let the free market capitalists and entrepreneurs who built this country restore confidence once again in the once booming financial sound housing market.

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.


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