Guyana’s President Makes a Huge Political Appeasement Error With Venezuela

“Human rights sanctions remain a crucial tool to help Venezuelans who continue to suffer under Maduro’s criminal regime. We have a moral duty to ensure that this narco-regime is held accountable for its countless crimes and that sanctions remain in place.”U.S. Senator Marco Rubio

On Thursday December 14th, 2023 the President of Guyana had face to face talks with the dictator of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro to discuss the possible invasion of Guyana by the Venezuelan military to steal Guyana’s land and natural resources.

This meeting was a total waste of time and the President of Guyana made a huge political appeasement error.

Guyana has now elevated a criminal dictator to a position of national standing and recognizes his fraudulent authority by sitting across a table from him. He has inadvertently given this dictator credentials as a President.

Maduro is a criminal indicted by the United States for Narco drug trafficking. He stole the last presidential Venezuelan election by fraud and does not represent the freedom loving citizens of Venezuela. He should not be recognized as a political leader with any authority in Venezuela.

The communists that control the elections in Venezuela created a fraud referendum on December 3rd 2023 claiming that 10.5 million Venezuelans voted “yes” to take control of Guyana’s Essequibo territory.

This referendum was a criminal action and less than 900,000 confirmed citizens actually voted as per the polling station data.

Approximately 140,000 Venezuelans are registered communists and no doubt they are the only ones that supported this insanity.

They are obviously under threat of prison or loss of pensions and government employment if they refuse to support Maduro.

The only dialogue from the President of Guyana to the criminal dictator Maduro should be one single conference phone call including himself and six other South American Presidents that should have stated:

“if you enter Guyana’s territory we will declare war on your dumbass and destroy you”

The Venezuelan military are mainly all young conscripts that have just reached puberty and can’t even tie their own shoestrings let alone drive a tank. The call mom everyday and check in with her and play games on their out dated I phone 7s.

The strong men and women who had real military experience and training left Venezuela years ago for greener pastures in Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Panama.

Communist dictators do not respond to peaceful dialogue they are cowardly maggots at heart.

They only respond to a strong verbal response backed up by a strong military. President Ronald Reagan understood this mindset.

Six South American nations have told the dictator Maduro they will protect Guyana militarily so why did Guyana have this ridiculous dialogue? Probably to keep the President of Brazil and Colombia happy.

Back at home in the USA the honorable Senator Marco Rubio introduced the Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Reauthorization Act of 2023 keeping sanctions in place against this Communist dictator.

Unfortunately the Marxist installed President Joe Biden seems to endorse and wants to engage in business with comrade Maduro.

This also elevates his dictatorship and undermines the good work of Senator Rubio. Biden’s weakness has helped Maduro create this situation. My opinion.

We need President Trump back in the White House to restore global peace and to put these cockroach Communists back on notice and tell them once and for all -:

“Don’t even think about it “

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved. Author is currently in Colombia on the border of Colombia and Venezuela.

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