On Islamic Apostasy Laws: How they’re Becoming Insidiously Normalized in the West, and Worse, Applied

From time to time circumstances or one’s own thoughts can bring us back to some older videos, almost always that have been censored off of the usual platforms, and it becomes either relevant again, or a good reminder of the subject to repost them.

RIAR Foundation published the linked essay on the nature of Islam’s apostasy laws and how they are often applied in Western nations as it applies to a RECENT case in Tennessee.

Se we found and made available the following videos to illustrate the point. Law is what happens at the end of the day, more than what is on paper. If you do not defend the rights you have, you won’t have them the moment someone else doesn’t want you to have them, and is capable of taking them away.

Islam and communism are tag-teaming us on the destruction of individual rights. Communism is certainly eroding them more fundamentally and faster, but Islam as it grows in numbers will overtake the left. Anyone uncertain about this just needs to ask any remnant of the Iranian revolution that managed to make it out of the country after they helped the communist overthrow the Shaw, and before the Ayatollah came in and killed all the communists. The Islamic version of the Night of the Long Knives.

Toronto Imam on why Apostasy laws are right and good.

UK: Apostate woman tries to give talk at university on Women’s rights under Islam in 2015

Prof. from Malaysia explains why death for Apostasy is correct as well as other Islamic reasoning which is anathema to Western values

All of these videos above are from prior to 2020. The project has advanced a great deal since then, and also since then, the media is much more obedient and hides the effects much better than they did prior to 2015. Probably due to the 2015 UN Migration compact, as well as that leftist journalists agree with the revolution, and others live in a certain amount of reasonable fear.

2019: The Apostate Prophet explains Apostasy laws.

In Canada, we had the staggering case of one Muslim who murdered one of his wives and several daughters by drowning them all in a car he plunged into a Canal near Kingston Ontario. Some of them had become “Westernized”, which is another way of saying apostatized. He did this with his sons. I believe his name was Mohammad Shafil, if memory serves. CBC was in on the assist. When the RCMP released the secretly recorded tapes of his phone calls about his murders, CBC edited out the fact that he said something like: ‘They have disgraced our family, they have disgraced Islam and given the chance I would do it again’. Something like that. It was the excellent website, Blazingcatfur that busted the CBC for this more than censorship. It was an attempt to cover up the motive of the crime. This puts everyone in danger, when they do not know why a growing minority of people coming in to Canada kills people. It limits your options. The principle one being to act effectively to limit Islamic immigration.

As with all things CBC, (note their interference on Twitter to have anyone critical of the communist dialectical weapon banned from the platform) it is very hard to find this story even on our own site as well as BCF. I will keep trying. For the moment, we simply remember well that the RCMP released tapes of the murder, CBC edited out the issue of Islam, Blazingcatfur busted them for it, CBC restored the full recording without explanation.

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column with videos posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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