Black Marxist Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Defies Republican Led Congress

The U.S. Army under the Pentagon led Communist racist sympathizer Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has been directed by 44 Republican members of Congress NOT to remove a Confederate Memorial from Arlington National Cemetery.

The Republicans stated he has no authority to continue this tax payer funded action.

Racist Lloyd Austin the first black Marxist to be appointed Secretary of Defense is ignoring the Congressional directive.

Lloyd Austin is abusing and misusing his authority in the DOD and he is ignoring the directives of these Republican members of congress who fund his paycheck and fund the Pentagon.

Comrade Austin is doing his part to dismantle our American history and under his evil putrid leadership he is participating in totally eradicating Defense Department property of confederate history.

Removing this memorial from Arlington National Cemetery will cost U.S. tax payers $3 million.

The Republican led congress could easily defund and block this appropriation but as always the Republican led congress is good at cheap dialogue but worthless in its actions.

The Communist led Defense Department will relocate this historic memorial to New Market Battlefield Park 100 miles away behind trees where nobody can see it.

Like I said, the Republicans of the 21st century are a bunch of weak spineless useless individuals as is evident by Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R)

He said “he is disappointed by the monument’s removal”, when in fact he should have blocked the Defense Department from relocating the structure onto state property. What a joke he is.

The Communist led Defense Department is engaged in a racist mission to cleanse the U.S. military of Confederate iconography.

In 1900, Congress authorized confederate remains to be reinterred at Arlington National Cemetery. A special area called section 16 was created for them and this Confederate Memorial was erected here in 1914.

It was a tradition for Arlington to create a new section for the war dead of a particular conflict followed by a commemorative monument. Let’s see if the puke dog communists in the DOD also dig up the dead confederate soldiers and relocate them too.

Lloyd Austin the Marxist Secretary of Defense is ignoring congressional directives to leave this memorial in place and the weak Republican congress is not blocking the $3 million tax payer expense to relocate the memorial.

How much longer are the American people who are the generational founders of this great republic going to put up with this weak useless spineless Republican Congress and racist Marxist led Department of Defense.

I think the answer will be very clear to see in November 2024 when President Trump is re-elected President of the United States.

Don’t forget the nine military bases also renamed by these Marxist maggots, they too will be hopefully restored back to their former glory.

Never forget Fort Bragg ladies and gentlemen.

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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  1. Royal Allen Brown III
    Royal Allen Brown III says:

    Secretary of Defenseless Loyd Austin is indeed a Marxist as a clone of his mentor Barack Hussein Obama. We have had a string of very bad SODs but Austin is undoubedly the worst of the worst. Under this tyrant the following Marxist Actions have taken place.

    – Recruiting and Retention are far under Goals for all military services.
    – Mandating CRT/DEI instruction;
    – Prioritizing climate change as #1 threat to national security;
    – Supporting LGBTQ agenda including tax payer funded Trans surgeries;
    – Providing taxpayer funded abortions by transferring pregnant soldiers from red to blue state postings;
    – Supporting foreign policy including involvement in wars that have no US national security interests auxh as Ukraine.
    – De-emphasizing training for combat readiness and deployability of forces;
    – Emasculating gung ho/patriotic/agressive men as toxic masculinity;
    – Demeaning Judeo/Christian values including insisting Chaplains be non-denominational;
    – Advocating Equity rather than Qualification by pushing women into direct combat positions they are non-qualified for especially physically not for reasons of equal opportunity but so women can rise to 4 star flag rank more readily
    – Providing longer maternity/paternity leaves for both females and males at birth of children thus increasing the burden on others who must perform their roles as well as their own
    – Conducting “standdowns” to weed out “extremists” from military which is code for conservatives, especially Trump supporters.
    – Providing Rules of Engagement (ROI) that favor the enemy over our own troops and often result in unnecessary KIAs or WIAs – e.g. as was case in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
    – Failures of US foreign policy involving use of our military including the Afghanistan pull out fiasco that resulted in unnecessary loss of 13 Marines; 90 Billion $ of modern US military equipment (now being used by the Taliban and world-wide Jihadists); $200 M in US case; and the strategic Bagram Air Base.
    – Using Affirmative Action despite the SCOTUS ruling for policies on promotions and assignments – perfect example was Senate confirmation of Gen CQ Brown (a black man who stated no more than 43% of Air Force pilots should be white) who as former Chief of Staff of Air Force ran it into the ground with very low combat availability rates of every kind of AF aircraft.

    Austin must be fired along with every 3-4 star Flag Officer serving him and the Marxist Obama 3/puppet Biden regime when POTUS Trump legitimately wins back the Presidency in 2024.

  2. Clyde Hunt
    Clyde Hunt says:

    I’ve always wondered why 12% of our population should dictate police. Do the rest really have such guilt feelings over the things our ancestors did 125, 200, 300 years ago, that was an accepted process then and for the last 5,000 years?


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