Satan Thinks He Is Ruling Earth. He Is Not.

We Christian conservatives with the knowledge and prerequisites of a sound mind and an indestructible faith are watching a global chaos unfold, created indirectly by the weak do nothing installed President of the United States.

This puppet President, who won his position by fraud and deception is under the control of another Communist whose actions would imply he is intentionally trying to collapse our constitutional republic. Remember we are NOT a democracy. Reference: James Madison’s Federalist Papers No 10.

So we might ask ourselves has Satan taken dominion over the earth ? The events that are playing out globally and within our own borders would give us a moment to think that Satan is at the helm.

It’s a good question right and here is my opinion.

I am totally confident there is only one supreme Lord that is in control of this world, and other worlds. it’s God.

He gave us believers the responsibility of dominion as per the Old Testament starting with Adam and Eve. But we sure fell flat during that critical part of our history and so it began. But God is patient with us.

God created us to be his vice-regents and we believers are the vice kings and trusted representatives of God’s rule here on earth.

Jesus decimated Satan’s plans 2000 years ago after he sacrificed his life to save us from that hot furnace called hell. So relax, Jesus still has full authority in heaven and here on earth.

So in my opinion and as per the New Testament the Lord God and his son are still running things here on earth even amidst the chaos of nations rising up against nations, and with the embedded deep state criminal corruption in our state and federal government.

Christ is seated at the right hand of God allowing people to freely make decisions good and bad. The good Lord has already crushed Satan and thus the events unfolding now must happen to fulfill scriptures. Go with the flow and don’t stress.

The power and the authority of Satan is very limited and Satan is definitely subordinate to the authority of Christ. Christ is running the show but not everyone is on board.

Millions of people are giving allegiance to Satan, they are constructing idols to this dark evil menace in state capitals and other places. But don’t forget Satans powers are severely restricted, limited and temporal.

Our Founding Fathers did their part in 1776 and prepared us for this unfolding nightmare of evil corrupt Communists in our republic but if you remain vigilant and faithful all that is bad now will be soon be corrected in November 2024. Stay faithful as a believer.

The earthquakes will continue, the wars will continue and the pestilence and plagues will continue. Evil people will continue to support executing pre-born babies in the womb, planes will still keep crashing and our economy will continue to suffer from the relentless incompetent Marxist government interference.

But— Just keep believing stay the course and everything will be just fine.

Reporting from Bogotá Colombia.

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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