NEWSRAEL ‘Iron Swords’ News Summary: Dec. 26, 2023

Here are the latest news headlines from this morning that reached our news desk. The times given are Jerusalem time (GMT +3)

6:37 AM – Mansour Abbas calls for an end to the war

7:00 AM – Russia: Opposition leader found in one of the toughest prisons
Alexei Navalny tracked down to penal colony north of the Arctic Circle, after supporters lost touch with him for more than two weeks.

8:00 AM – US retaliates in Iraq after three US troops wounded in attack
The U.S. military carried out retaliatory air strikes on Monday in Iraq after a one-way drone attack earlier in the day by Iran-aligned militants that left one U.S. service member in critical condition and wounded two other U.S. personnel, officials said. The back-and-forth clash was the latest demonstration of how the Israel-Hamas war is rippling across the Middle East, creating turmoil that has turned U.S. troops at bases in Iraq and Syria into targets.

8:30 AM – UKMTO report incident west of Yemen’s Hodeidah port – advisory note
The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) received a report of an incident about 50 nautical miles west of Yemen’s port of Hodeidah, an advisory note said on Tuesday

9:00 AM – IDF troops counter ambush in Jabaliya; Air Force hits over 100 targets in south Gaza
261st Infantry Brigade troops clashed overnight with armed terrorists who tried to detonate an IED on an Israeli tank and its crew in the Gaza Strip’s Jabaliya, the IDF reported Tuesday morning. The forces engaged the attackers and directed air support to eliminate them and destroy the military compound from which they were operating. Meanwhile, IDF forces continue to strike Gaza from land, air and sea. The Air Force completed an extensive bombing run in the southern Gaza Strip as part of the support for the forces maneuvering in the field, targeting more than 100 Hamas terror targets, including tunnel shafts, terror infrastructures and military sites used by the organization to attack IDF forces

9:30 AM – Citizen to be compensated for baseless police warning.

A citizen who received a warning from the Israel Police before the Jerusalem Pride Parade will be compensated for violations of his rights.

9:35 AM – Indian navy to deploy guided missile destroyer ships after strike off its coast
India’s navy will deploy guided-missile destroyer ships in the Arabian Sea after an Israel-affiliated merchant vessel was struck off the Indian coast over the weekend, in an effort to “maintain a deterrent presence,” it said

9:45 AM – Israel carrying out strikes in southern Lebanon, Lebanese media reports
Israel is carrying out strikes on the town of Mays al-Jabal in southern Lebanon, Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese network Al Manar reported Tuesday morning

10:00 AM – Japan to impose sanctions on three senior Hamas members
The Japanese government will freeze assets and impose sanctions on payments and capital transactions on three senior Hamas members, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi said on Tuesday.  The three terrorists were believed to be involved in the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas on Israel and in a position to use funds to finance such terrorist activities, the top Japanese government spokesperson said

10:20 AM – Pro-Israel student leaders visit Israel on solidarity mission
Pro-Israel student leaders from top US universities embark on ‘Take Action for Israel’ solidarity mission during holiday season.

10:30 AM – Israel arrests 8 PA suspects, seizes dozens of firearms, explosives in West Bank raid
Israeli security forces arrested at least 8 suspects and seized dozens of firearms, explosives and other pieces of combat gear in a counterterrorism raid on the Nur Shams refugee camp in the West Bank

11:00 AM – The Washington Post: US pressures Abbas to reform PA for post-war Gaza role
As part of its plans for the Gaza Strip after the war against Hamas, the United States hopes to pave the way for Palestinian Authority rule in Gaza by supporting the establishment of a new Palestinian government and training its security forces, The Washington Post reported on Monday. According to the report, Washington has encountered difficulties, including persuading Israel to unfreeze garnished funds for the salaries of senior PA officials. It was also reported that senior U.S. officials who visited Ramallah in recent weeks have urged President Mahmoud Abbas to implement reforms and appoint new blood to key positions, aiming to improve the PA’s shaky standing among the Palestinian public

12:13 – SAMARIA: The IDF spokesman publishes documentation from the moment of the explosion in the laboratory for the production of explosives and rockets that was destroyed this morning in the Noor al-Shams camp.

12:36 – GAZA: Today, the IDF will return to the Gaza Strip about 80 bodies of terrorists and Gazan civilians captured by it during the ground operation, according to Arab sources. The bodies will be transferred to the Palestinians through the Kerem Shalom crossing.

12:42 – ISRAEL: Defense Minister Galant in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee: “We are in a multi-arena war, from the beginning we were attacked from 7 arenas, we have already operated in 6 of them. Anyone who works against us is a target’

12:46 – LEBANON: 3 attacks from the air a short time ago near Jabeshit, South Lebanon.

13:25 – EGYPT: The Reuters news agency cites a report in the Egyptian network Al-Qahara, according to which an unidentified aircraft was intercepted and dropped about 2 km from the shores of the city of Dahab in the Sinai coast.

13:29 – NORTH LEBANON – Reports of an explosion and fire in the port of Tripoli

14:09 – GAZA: Red Alert in the Ashkelon area

14:17 – IRAQ: Western factor: Yesterday’s attack on the building where the American forces are stationed in Erbil is the most dangerous attack since the beginning of the attacks on the United States forces.

14:23 – GAZA: Red Alert in the Gaza border towns

14:36 – RED SEA: The British Trade Center reports another incident in the Bab al-Mandab Straits.

14:40 – LEBANON: The attacks on the Israeli north do not stop. Now there were launches to the Har Dov area (Upper Galilee – Golan Hights) . Earlier to Adamit and Dobb (Western Galilee).

14:52 – IRAN: Iranian Army Commander Mohammad Baghri: “Israel made a grave mistake when it assassinated Barazi Mousavi. Its crimes will not go unanswered”

14:56 – The IDF announced the opening of a humanitarian corridor for 4 hours in two neighborhoods in Deir al-Balah. The goal – to allow Gazans to move south to get away from combat zones. In response, crowds of residents were recorded leaving the area.

14:59 – SYRIA: Rocket attack on the US base in eastern Syria The US military base in al-Shadadi, located in al-Hasqa province (Northeastern Syria), was the target of a rocket attack.

15:00 – LEBANON: Hezbollah took responsibility for six attacks along the northern border since the morning hours, a civilian was moderately injured by an anti-tank missile that was fired at a church in the Shumra area

15:02 – LEBANON: The IDF responds with a wave of widespread attacks in southern Lebanon

15:51 – GAZA: Red Alert in Gaza border towns

15:52 – LEBANON: The Air Force attack on the village of Yaraon in Lebanon

16:02 – BREAKING: Explosion heard near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, India

16:04 – LEBANON – Several IDF attacks in Southern Lebanon

16:28 – SYRIA: Reports in southern Syria of IDF artillery fire at positions of the Iranian militias in the western countryside of Damascus and northern Quneitra

16:43 – LEBANON: An aerial attack near the al-Maliya camp south of the city of Tzur

16:45 – GAZA: Mount Hebron Regional Council: First Sergeant Maor Lavi, resident of Susya, fell in battle

16:50 – LEBANON: Terrorists fire projectile at Israel from Lebanese mosque

16:58 – LEBANON 9 Wounded IDF soldiers in the north, the IDF attacks targets of the terrorist organization Hezbollah

17:03 – JAPAN: The Japanese government has announced that it will freeze the assets of three senior members of the Hamas organization, who are suspected of being involved in the attack on Israel on October 7.

17:07 – JUDEA AND SAMARIA: Palestinian media reports the death of Khamis al-Najjar, a Hamas member of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza.

17:19 – GAZA: Gaza rocket strikes synagogue in southern Israel – Synagogue in Sdot Negev Regional Council suffers extensive damage after being struck by a rocket fired by terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

17:33 – ISRAEL – Foreign Minister Eli Cohen: The data proves that the “settler violence” campaign is a false campaign

17:35 – GAZA: Artillery fire continues to the areas of Jabaliya and the Mu’azi camp, several attacks in al-Boreij

17:39 – LEBANON: A short time ago, 2 cars were attacked from the air in Kfar Kalia, South Lebanon

18:00 – ISRAEL: The Chief of Staff: “The war will continue for many more months and we will operate with different methods – so that the achievement will be preserved over time”

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EDITORS NOTE: This NEWSRAEL Editor column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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