Political Asylum In The Constitutional Republic of Colombia

Karina my beautiful promiteda from Caracas, Venezuela has been supporting Donald Trump since 2016 and Venezuelan conservatives since she was ten years old making her a political target in her former home country of Communist Venezuela.

As she grew up this political position put her life in grave jeopardy forcing her to abandon her mountain home in 2018 and obtaining a protective status in Bogotá from the Colombian congress with all her brothers.

She was constantly harassed at military Communist Check Points on the bus she was riding on from her mountain home to Caracas while attending university or shopping for the basics to help her mom and brothers.

The bus was forced to stop at various points with para military police entering via both entry and exit doors demanding a tax from the bus riders. Much like the toll booth infestation in southern Florida. The same thievery but a different process.

A para military stuck an AK-47 into Karina’s chest at a check point demanding payment of the passage tax. She refused and stated she had no money so he demanded she give him her newly purchased bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

She addressed the young Communist punk while pointing at his rifle and she stated, “The safety was still on, there were no bullets in his magazine nor was a bullet chambered in the barrel”.

She took a hold of the barrel of the AK-47 and pointed it towards the paramilitary punks foot and then she squeezed his finger in the trigger guard. No shot rang out – Then she said “see I told you, no bullets lol”

The young prepubescent Maduro para military punks quickly exited the bus embarrassed and then all the passengers gave Karina a round of applause. Oh such is life in Communist Venezuela.

Karina also grew very frustrated when Duque the supposed conservative former President of Colombia would not allow US military troops to enter the country and assist the Colombian military in taking out the Communist dictator Maduro.

Karina saw an opportunity under the Trump Presidency to free her country from communists and free her country from the poverty created by this political ideology. The equal opportunity of having nothing under Communism. So much misery is placed upon all her fellow Venezuelan friends and family.

Trump did what he could to contain Maduro and box him in economically but he did not get the desired support from former Colombian president Duque.

Thus the Communist dictator of Venezuela Maduro is still in power threatening his neighbors and Biden is now giving Maduro much needed Infusions of U.S. dollars propping up the Communist government.

Then we got a Communist President elected here in Colombia, a former FARC sympathizer who spent 2 years in a Colombian federal jail here in Bogotá for aiding communist insurgents.

Thankfully the conservative republican base of the Colombian congress and senate are blocking his anti fossil fuel, anti capitalist, dismantle freedom agenda.

Remember, the Colombian government adopted the U.S. constitution with its own added amendments as its freedom document for its liberty and prosperity on July 4th 1991. So far it’s working.

So as we prepare to leave Colombia we found our past 2020 Trump flag here in Bogotá Colombia. We got an excellent photo opportunity with it a few weeks ago in front of the Colombian Congress, the Venezuelan consulate and also the home of Colombia’s President in Plaza Bolivar.

Trump is the only political candidate with the mental strength, superior intelligence, courage and moral integrity that can restore our country back to a constitutional republic. It’s unfortunate Trump is a member of the do nothing spineless Republican Party but what other option does he have?

In November 2024 we will either have our constitutional freedoms restored with Trump back in the White House or we will suffer under Biden and Obama and the other corrupt Communists who will continue to decimate our republic into a communist septic tank of poverty, homelessness and economic depravity.

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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