Communist California’s New Tyrannical Laws For 2024

Communist California led by the Marxist dictatorship of Comrade Gavin (I love Beijing) Newsom signed close to 1000 new laws in 2023 that went into effect on January 1st 2024.

Let’s review and evaluate some of these new legislative tyrannical government policies and determine the overall effectiveness of them.

Take for example a new state law called “Ebony Alerts” for missing black children and youths. Law enforcement will now get Ebony Alerts if a black child goes missing.

The Daily Caller contributor Jake Smith reported,

California is enacting laws pushing LGBTQ issues on their residents, as well as various restrictions to residents’ behavior that attempt to limit emissions or damage to the environment. Blue states are also targeting gun rights and expanding protections for illegal aliens.  

California is initiating a new law on Jan. 1 that will fine major retailers if they don’t sell “gender-neutral” children’s toys in their stores. These items would have to be clearly marked and sectioned, and stores that refuse to comply will face a $250 penalty for the first violation and a $500 penalty for every subsequent offense.

This law also pertains to “any product designed or intended by the manufacturer to facilitate sleep, relaxation, or the feeding of children, or to help children with sucking or teething.”

“Let retailers decide what’s best for their customers and what their clientele want, but the last thing we need is for the state legislature in California to decide [what parents buy for their children],” Republican California Sen. Melissa Melendez told Fox News. “We don’t need the government trying to co-parent with us.”

Also starting in 2024, a new law in the Golden State will ban the sale of any gas-powered lawnmowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws or yard care equipment. Tens of thousands of workers in California who relied on such equipment for their businesses will be most affected by the new rule; concerns also exist over the efficacy and cost of electric-powered alternatives, according to The Sacramento Bee.

“The people most affected are going to be the Latinos that don’t have a big business,” Fulgencio Vazquez, a landscaping manager in Sacramento, told the Bee. Another landscaping small business owner, Rafael Guzman, told the Bee that big businesses would be the “only ones” to survive the new law, and noted that landscaping jobs with electric-powered equipment would take longer “because the machines don’t have the same potential.”

The law comes alongside a massive push in California to promote electric vehicles and the phase out gas-powered household appliances. California seeks to be completely reliant on green energy and 100% carbon neutral by 2045, according to Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office.

I’m not sure if this new law will also include “Ivory Alerts” for white children but let’s see what happens. If the demographics of California continue to favor illegal immigrants perhaps Comrade Governor Newsom should also consider the “Gringo Alert”

California also implemented new laws to increase easy access for the execution of pre-born babies in the womb, plus making insurance companies pay for contraception, and eliminating out-of-pocket costs for birth control. But this law only applies to women thus violating the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

No word yet if Catholic hospitals in California will be forced to provide these baby killing services in violation of the nuns 1st amendment rights and in violation of the pre born child’s constitutional right to life and liberty.

Communist California legislators have also opened up even more financial assistance aid to illegal immigrants in our republic who are in violation of U.S. Congressional immigration laws who are taking up space in Universities ahead of American citizens.

Illegals also now get access to free healthcare and other perks for being in our republic as criminal immigration violators. No other country in the world allows its sovereignty to be financially and economically raped by illegal invaders.

I’m not sure how an illegal immigrant can register for these American citizen or legal resident earned perks without a social security number and a picture ID or Green Card showing legal residency status, but Communist states like California shredded the constitutional rule of law years ago under weak Republican leadership allowing the Communists to take over.

Plus California has also implemented laws that also include hundreds of new roadside cameras to spy on citizens driving in their pitiful electric cars that need to recharged every 45 minutes.

California is the place to be if you like being in a nanny state with the government controlling your life and even your income through intrusive wage controls, mandatory solar panels on new home construction, the banning of gasoline powered cars, leaf blowers, and lawn mowers and don’t forget flat screen televisions.

California is a communist utopia septic tank even Muslims don’t want to live there. Good luck citizens of California in 10 years from now you will all be living in caves riding on donkeys to work.

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