DARING IDF attack takes out Hamas’ #2 Saleh Al-Arouri in Hezbollah Lebanon Stronghold

NEWSRAEL: In what could become one of the most important moments of this 3-month war, the most important man in Hamas has been killed, along with at least 6 unidentified others.

Here are the latest update.

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Saleh Al-Arouri has been at the top of the Israeli “hit list” for some years.

This is a BIG event and a serious problem for Hamas, as it sees that Israel was serious about killing their top leaders.

Hezbollah had said that they were guard him, this is also going to look very bad for Hezbollah.

18:16 – Arab report: Akram Elajouri, the head of the GAP’s military branch in Lebanon, with whom Salah al-Aruri was staying, was eliminated. 3 more were staying with them.

18:45 –  Hezbullah’s Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in 2023:

“Any assassination on Lebanese lands, that targets a Lebanese or a Syrian or an Iranian or a Palestinian, there will be a strong response

We will not allow it to be tolerated and we will not allow Lebanon to become a new field of assassinations for Israel”

18:57 – The car Alhuri was in at the attack [VIDEO]

19:03 – IDF aircraft flying in formation over Beirut

19:12 – Netanyahu was supposed to meet at noon with the leaders of the Line of Conflict Forum. Canceled a few hours ago….

19:13 – Initial report the number of those killed increased to 6.

19:15 – The Khalil Al-Rahman Brigade in Hebron announces a general mobilization to avenge the assassination

19:16 – Hassan Nasrallah canceled his speech scheduled for tomorrow

19:20 – The Lebanese Almiadin (who claimed a half hour ago that no one was killed): In an attack in D’ahia in the capital city of Beirut, six people were killed (among them Al-Aruri) – a UAV attacked the building where they were spending time with three missiles.*

19:21 – In the village of Aarura, the village of Saleh Aaruri’s birth, the mosques mourn Aaruri’s death. At the beginning of the war, Israel destroyed the house where Aaruri lived in this village

19:23 – Shia sources: One of the dead in the assassination this evening in Beirut is Abu Amer of the Kambatz of the military wing of Hamas in Lebanon.

19:55: Beirut now


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