A View on a Large Lake in the Middle of Amsterdam

On this picture, one can see the IJ. The IJ is a large lake in the middle of Amsterdam, right behind the Central Station.

The IJ is filled with water that arrives in The Netherlands from Germany. The river Rhine originates in the Alps, and flows through Germany to Holland. In Holland it disperses in different rivers and streams, among them the river Amstel. The river Amstel gives its name to the city: originally Amsterdam was called Amstel-re-dam.

The water in the lake IJ will eventually find its way to the North Sea…

If one stares into the murky water of the IJ, one can detect fishes. In fact, the IJ is full of sweet water fish. And it’s prohibited to catch them!

I love walking across a bridge above the IJ, and that’s where I took this picture. Isn’t Amsterdam breathtakingly beautiful?

By the way: IJ is pronounced as “ay” in English.

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