Examples of Joe, Kamala and the Biden Campaign Using Lies, Myths and Deceit to Steal the Democrat 2024 Primary Election

As we begin the 2024 Presidential election primaries cycle we want to focus first on the incumbent, his team and campaign. We are learning that Joe, Kamala and the Biden 2024 DNC primary campaign is all about eliminating their fellow Democrat Party opponents.

They began first to eliminate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. from the DNC primary ballot.

In Boston on April 19th, 2023 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced his bid to run for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States to an overflow, standing-room-only crowd at the Boston Park Plaza in Boston, Massachusetts.

On October 9, 2023 RFK, Jr. announced he is running as an Independent.

After they were successful in getting RFK, Jr. off the Democrat primary ticket they are now going after other Democrats.

The Daily Caller’s Nick Pope in an article titled “Former Dem Presidential Candidate Blasts Biden For Claiming To Defend Democracy While ‘Suppressing’ Party Primary” reported,

Andrew Yang, who ran for president in 2020 as a Democrat, criticized President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party on Saturday for perceived differences between their rhetoric and actions regarding the health of American democracy.

Yang referenced Biden’s Friday speech, in which the president suggested that former President Donald Trump and his supporters are a potential authoritarian threat to the country’s institutions, and ongoing moves by the Democratic Party apparatus to exclude potential challengers to Biden from primary ballots. At present, Biden will be the only certified candidate on the primary ballot in three states, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., perhaps the most prominent non-Republican opponent for Biden, asserted that the Democratic primary process was “rigged” before switching to run for the presidency as an independent.

“Look I vastly prefer Biden and would never vote for Trump. But saying you’re defending democracy while suppressing a primary in your own party is ridiculous,” Yang wrote in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Joe Biden referenced George Washington several times in his Valley Forge speech yesterday. More than anything, George Washington knew when to step aside,” he stated in a separate post.

Biden is poised to be the only candidate on the primary ballot in North Carolina, Florida and Tennessee, all of which had competitive Democratic primaries in 2020 featuring an array of candidates.

[ … ]

Additionally, the Democratic Party approved Biden’s plan to reshuffle the order of the primary elections in February 2023, a move which has resulted in South Carolina leapfrogging New Hampshire on the calendar. While backers of Biden’s plan maintain that the shift is intended to better represent and serve the party’s diverse voters, others have suggested that the move is a strategic ploy to boost Biden’s campaign because he is expected to perform better in South Carolina than in Iowa or New Hampshire, the states that typically kick off the primary season. [Emphasis added]

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Hypocritically, while Biden and his campaign are successfully removing their fellow Democrats from the DNC 2024 primary ballot Kamala Harris is falsely accusing Republicans of ‘trying to silence’ voters.

The Daily Caller’s Julianna Frieman in an article titled “As More States Seek To Keep Trump Off The Ballot, Kamala Harris Accuses Republicans Of ‘Trying To Silence’ Voters” reports,

As more states seek to keep former President Donald Trump off the ballot, Vice President Kamala Harris accused Republicans of “trying to silence” voters Saturday.

Harris commemorated the third anniversary of the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol Riot by delivering a speech criticizing the Republican Party at the 7th Episcopal District AME Church Women’s Missionary Society annual retreat in Myrtle Beach, Reuters reported.

“We fight to protect the sacred freedom to vote while they try to silence the voice of the people,” Harris said.

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The Bottom Line

As we being the DNC primary race Biden and his campaign have nothing positive to run on. Therefore, they must divert attention away by blaming others for what they are doing to silence their Democrat opponents and silence the voices of Democrat voters.

Biden can’t run on the economy because it is in shambles. Americans are paying more for everything since Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. entered office.

Biden can’t run on securing the borders because they are not only not secure, they are wide open.

Biden can’t run on his Build Back Better promises because he hasn’t built anything back better.

Therefore, in order to win the DNC primary he and his campaign, with the aid of the DNC, are sealing it right in front of our very eyes.

QUESTION: If they can steal the DNC primary successfully, what will keep them from stealing the 2024 Presidential election?

ANSWER: We the people!

©2024. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.



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  1. Royal Allen Brown III
    Royal Allen Brown III says:

    This will not work in their favor except with the hard core Marxist base of 30-35% Democrats – I think it will actually help the Trump campaign.


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