Why Suzanne Harp?

Suzanne Harp is Texas’s 3rd Congressional District candidate for the United States Congress. Suzanne’s decision to enter the political arena, rooted in a profound sense of duty, aims to address pressing issues such as religious liberties, election integrity, border security, counter-human trafficking, runaway spending, and unconstitutional mandates. As a Washington outsider, Suzanne brings a unique perspective to the nation’s challenges.

What sets Suzanne’s campaign apart is her keen understanding of the cultural war that has enveloped the nation.

In her recent interview on DISSENT Television with Dr. Rich Swier, Harp delves into the nuances of this war in Ukraine and the necessity of active citizenry to safeguard the very fabric of democracy. Suzanne outlines the Biden administration’s weaponization of the Department of Justice against parents in school board meetings. She identifies this as a critical battleground, emphasizing that the cultural war extends beyond traditional political lines.

Suzanne passionately argues that the campaign must focus on winning the social war. From her perspective, it is an intrinsic battle influencing other critical issues such as the economy, border security, and international relations. As she articulates the challenges the younger generation faces, Suzanne highlights the influence of social media and its role in perpetuating the cultural divide.

Drawing from her father’s experiences in Athens during World War II, Suzanne provides a historical perspective on the consequences of socialist-communist movements. Her father’s childhood encounters with Nazi soldiers and the subsequent communist regime serve as a stark reminder of the perils of ideologies that seek to separate children from their parents.

The parallels Suzanne draws between historical events and the contemporary cultural war underscore the urgency of “defending American values.” She emphasizes the need for the current generation to learn parallel lessons about survival, character development, and the consequences of embracing ideologies that erode the fabric of a nation.

Harp highlights the significance of self-education, encouraging individuals to become patriots by understanding the principles laid out by the Founding Fathers. The essence of liberty, she asserts, lies in grasping the true meaning behind the words of those who shaped the nation.

As Suzanne Harp embarks on her congressional campaign, she stands at the intersection of history and the present, ready to confront the challenges that define this critical moment in American politics. Her commitment to defending the Constitution, prioritizing the cultural war, and preserving the people’s voice reflects a leadership style that transcends party lines.

Suzanne observes a “palpable hunger” for understanding what freedom truly means. This hunger, she believes, is an opportunity for citizens to delve into the roots of American values and to reclaim a shared understanding of freedom.

To illustrate the gravity of the situation, Harp shares insights from contributors who were once citizens of the former Soviet Union. Having escaped a culture of oppression, these individuals recognize ominous signs in the current political climate. One contributor, Simona Pico, a defense attorney persecuted for her faith, provides a firsthand account of the struggles against a regime that sought to silence dissent.

Building on the wisdom that educating a woman educates a generation, Suzanne applauds the efforts to educate the populace. She, in turn, is singled out by the interviewee, who, seeing her potential as a future member of Congress with the correct values, congratulates her heartily and considers her a beacon in the cultural war between decency and decadence.

Then, the conversation changes as Suzanne acknowledges the audacity of evil in the current political climate. A culture war is not merely a battle between Democrats and Republicans but a struggle between good and evil. Suzanne expresses concern about the blatant challenges, including egregious behavior that demands immediate attention.

In response to the exasperation felt by many, Suzanne issues a call to action. She urges individuals to “press in” to actively engage, testify, and educate their circles of influence. Her plea is for citizens to be the salt and light, offering a positive alternative in the face of arrogance.

Suzanne emphasizes the need for citizens to know their Congress members intimately. She advocates for being slow to hire and quick to fire representatives, asserting that term limits, while valuable, are not a standalone solution. The key, she believes, is for the people to press in, educate themselves, and use the primary election process to cleanse and weed out those who do not serve the nation’s best interests.

Drawing from her personal experience, Suzanne shares insights into her focus on election integrity issues. She narrates the meticulous process of working on legislation, meeting with officials, and testifying before committees. Despite setbacks, Suzanne’s journey underscores the importance of active citizen participation in shaping the political landscape.

Refreshingly, Suzanne Harp emerges as a unifying force – a patriot navigating the cultural war for America’s future. Her story is not just about politics; it is a narrative of resilience, family values, and an unwavering belief in the principles that make America exceptional. The journey she undertakes is not merely a campaign; it is a pursuit of a vision where the enduring spirit of freedom prevails.

Why Suzanne Harp? Because she will be a loyal congressional representative for her constituents. Because she is a fighter and believer in American exceptionalism. Because she stands tall and strong to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States for you, me, and all Americans.

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