WATCH: Melanie Phillips Won the Case for Israel with this Interview

So, how did the conflict in the modern Land of Israel evolve into what it has become today? Is this a new conflict, a 100 year old conflict or an age-old conflict that goes back hundreds and even thousands of years?

Melanie explains very clearly that there were no Arab “people” in the 19th or even the first half of the 20th century who claimed or saw themselves as a distinct nation connected to the Land of Israel.

The whole fake cause began in the early 60’s. There were simply thousands of Arabs who largely came from Syria and Egypt in search of upward mobility from the poverty in their countries of origin.

But then, when the Arab population began to increase as a result of the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, the age-old Arab hatred of the Jewish people that existed for centuries increased in the Land of Israel.

Previously, the Land was largely a wasteland and anti-Jewish sentiment among Arabs was largely confined to Iraq, Morocco, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, and Libya.

The hatred of Jews was largely an essential aspect of the Muslim religion and then as now, is largely about religious belief, and much less about Land.

The most fascinating part of this interview is when Melanie delves into the hypocrisy, racism and antisemitism of the Left in England and how it awakened her to the truth about Israel.

Source: Israel Unwired


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