ISIS calls on Muslims to carry out jihad massacres of ‘Jews, Christians, or their allies on the streets of America’

As well as Europe and the world. Expect the overwhelming majority of peaceful Muslims to rise up and stop these hijackers of the Religion of Peace any day now.

Pro-ISIS Posters Incite Attacks On New York City: ‘Go Get Them, Oh Monotheist

MEMRI, January 11, 2024:

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On January 11, 2024, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media outlet released two posters inciting attacks in New York City.The posters came as part of a global attack campaign called, “And Kill Them Wherever You Find Them,” announced on January 4 by the ISIS spokesman. In an audio message uploaded online, he declared support for the Muslims of Gaza and urged ISIS operatives and supporters to launch attacks globally, including lone wolf attacks, in the West.

“Identify The Target, Trust In Allah, And Execute”

Titled “And Kill Them Wherever You Find Them,” the first poster depicts an armed man, three bullets, and a sketch of a building. A stamp on the poster reads: “NEW YORK N.Y. JUN16 7-PM 1937.” Adjacent to the stamp, an entry ticket reads: “AROUND THE WORLD.”

Text on the poster also encourages potential attackers: “Identify the target, trust in Allah, and execute [the attack],” it reads.

“Go Get Them, Oh Monotheist”

The second poster depicts the New York City skyline in flames, and an armed man brandishing a weapon alongside text inciting an attack, which reads: “Go get them, oh monotheist.”

The poster also features an excerpt from the spokesman’s January 4 audio address, which calls on ISIS operatives and supporters to avenge Muslims by carrying out attacks on “Jews, Christians, or their allies on the streets and roads of America, Europe, and the world.”

The text reads: “Lions of Islam: Chase your prey whether Jews, Christians, or their allies, on the streets and roads of America, Europe, and the world. Break into their homes, kill them and steal their peace of mind by any means you can lay hands on. Understand that you are the arm of the Islamic State hitting in the unbelievers’ homelands, and are avenging the Muslims in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and other Muslim countries. Solidify your plans and diversify the attacks: detonate explosives, burn them with grenades and fiery agents, shoot them with bullets, cut their throats with sharp knives, and run them over with vehicles. A sincere person will not lack the means to draw blood from the hearts of the Jews, the Christians, and their allies, and thus ease the suffering in the hearts of the believers.”

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