PODCAST: Nancy Pearcey on The Toxic War On Masculinity

There is a war on men that is affecting their development, behaviors, and priorities. They are being taught that their inherent nature does not fit within a biblical ethic.

Nancy Pearcey, professor, and author of “The Toxic War on Masculinity: How Christianity Reconciles the Sexes”, joins host Joseph Backholm to discuss the cultural shift in the definition of masculinity.

Nancy and Joseph dive into when this shift happened, tracing it back to one main event in history: the Industrial Revolution. With men no longer working alongside their wives and children and instead competing with other men for work, a mindset shift happened that would eventually lead to the term “toxic masculinity”.

Listen now to learn more about what influenced this change!

Nancy Pearcey on The Toxic War On Masculinity pt.2

In this second installment, host Joseph Backholm welcomes back Nancy Pearcey, professor, and author of “The Toxic War on Masculinity: How Christianity Reconciles the Sexes” to discuss further the current war on men and masculinity. Joseph and Nancy spend time debunking the many myths of evangelical relationships spread by the media and even religious circles at times.

They discuss the shocking findings on which group of women reported the highest satisfaction in their marriage and the impact that nominal Christianity has had on the definition of masculinity. What does it mean to be a good man vs. a real man?

And how does God’s cultural mandate affect how we define masculinity?


Joseph Backholm

Nancy Pearcey


The Toxic War on Masculinity: How Christianity Reconciles the Sexes by Nancy Pearcey


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