Democrats Voted for a Joke Who Started the Whole World Crying. Now They’re Seeing the Jokes on Them!

In 2020 Democrats voted for Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. Everyone, even Barack Obama, knew. We believe that you can’t underestimate Biden’s ability to f*ck things up. And f*ck things up he has.

WATCH: NEVER Underestimate Biden’s Ability To Mess Things Up with Mike Huckabee

Here is a list of a few of the things that this Joke f*cked up that have people crying, so far:

  • The Economy. Remember Bill Clinton said, “it’s the economy stupid?” Well this joker has many Americans crying because they have either lost their jobs, lost their businesses or lost their retirement. The entire American free market economy is in the proverbial toilet. This joker’s policies have cost many their livelihoods especially minorities. Businesses are closing in many Democrat controlled cities and states due to high crime rates. Businesses are being looted and many of Biden’s fellow jokers are letting these thieves get away scot free, e.g. California where you can legally walk in an rob a store for under $1,000 with no chance of retribution. Business are cutting back staff due to Democrat minimum wage policies, again in California where the minimum wage is now $20 an hour. Don’t call your local pizza franchise and ask them to deliver your favorite pizza to your front door. Read more about the economy here.
  • The Cost of Living. Everything one buys, rents or leases has gone up in price. Everything from apples to oranges cost more. Gasoline, home heating oil, cars, trucks, food, rent, cost of a home, cost for a vacation, cost to stay in a hotel. All are up, up, up in price. The world in now crying as this, and other jokers in the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization and others, have joined in to destroy people’s ability to live within their means. Of course if you have lost your job, see #1 above, then your are really in deep do do. Read more about the cost of living here.
  • The Cost for Healthcare. Ever since the implementation of Obamacare, the cost of healthcare has gone up and up. Many cannot afford to go see a doctor, unless you are and illegal alien and are getting free healthcare from your state, did I mention California before? There was a time in America when the patient doctor relationship was very close. Today, doctors must answer to big pharma, big health insurance companies and worst of all big government. The confidentiality of patient medical records has gone out the window with the implementation of the creation of digital medical records. Nothing a doctor does is private. Nothing a patient wants is allowed with “following government protocols.” Health insurance is beyond the reach of many Americans who are entering the job market, what little of it there is. Those getting the best  and free healthcare are government workers and illegal aliens. The working American be damned. The cost of drugs has gone up and the quality of them has gone down. Now taking a Covid vaccine has become the kiss of death for many. Like the economy, healthcare is in the toilet. Read more about healthcare here.
  • One person, one vote. The time tested idea of one man or woman going to the voting booth and filling out their ballot, dropping it in a ballot box are dead and gone. Free and fair elections are passé. Stealing elections is the new normal. Each and everyday we are learning more and more how Democrats Voted for a Joker and now we the people are crying about what they have done to us all. Even Democrats are now seeing the jokes on them. As Joseph Stalin said, “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” When corrupt poll workers and supervisors of elections tip the scale in favor of one candidate over another our Constitutional Republic based on one man, one vote is gone—forever. Read more about election fraud here.
  • The joker Biden and his joker crime family. Never in history have we seen such political corruption in America in one family. It makes “The Five Families” a.k.a. the five Italian American Mafia crime families that operated in New York City in the 1930s look like amateurs. It now appears that the joke of a son named Hunter and his joke of a family, including his joke of a father, were selling themselves to the highest bidder. Be it in Ukraine, China or in America, this group of jokers have made millions peddling their influence for bribes. Read more about the Biden Crime Family.
  • Border Invasion. America’s borders aren’t just open they aren’t even being patrolled by border patrol. The joker has moved all of our border patrol agents to ports of embarkation to sit behind desks and fill out paperwork to give out visas like candy. Today its states like Texas that are now trying to control the massive influx of illegal aliens crossing our borders, both Southern and Northern. Drug cartels control the influx and get paid $300 million a week to bring illegals across the border. Read how Biden’s border policies triggered a 7,300% increase in illegal immigration from Communist Venezuela alone, causing a national security risk to us all.
  • Wars. Remember when the Democrats were warning that if Trump were to be elected he would start a war? Well, not only did President Trump start any war he actually made the world safer and brought peace to the Middle East via the Abraham Accords. Since the inauguration of this joke, we are seeing a wars in Europe between Russia and Ukraine (funded by us taxpayers), a war in the Middle East between Israel and the Iranian proxies Hamas and Hezbollah (proxies of Iran). And a war between America’s military and the Iranian-backed Houthis. Read and watch videos about America’s national security here.

The Bottom Line

The only solution is to remove the cabal of jokers from the schoolhouse to the White House.

We the people will have our last chance at this on November 5th, 2024.

©2024. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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Here’s the Bee Gees singing “I Started a Joke” for your entertainment and reflection.

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