Shin Bet Chief: 70% of Humanitarian Aid Ends Up in Hamas Hands

Shin Bet Head Ronen Bar last weekend told PM Netanyahu’s cabinet meeting that between 60-70 percent of the humanitarian aid trucks that enter the Gaza Strip end up with the terrorist organization Hamas or are looted by it.

A senior political official told News 14 in response: “This is the opposite of the goals of the war. On the one hand, you are strengthening Hamas, and on the other hand, you are not really moving forward to destroy their capabilities. We are trying to find an alternative to this, but it’s still not progressing.”

Be that as it may, on Sunday, the Commander of the Southern Command General Yaron Finkelman signed an order expanding the closed military area at the Kerem Shalom crossing, to keep out the protesters who have been blocking the aid trucks from entering Gaza.

Anything to keep Hamas well supplied.

But on Sunday night, the protester told News 14 that “As of this hour, the crossing is closed to traffic and not a single supply truck to Hamas passes through. No aid will pass until the last of the hostages returns, we continue with determination until all the hostages return home.”

Meanwhile, the Shin Bet Head, together with the head of Mossad and the IDF official in charge of releasing the hostages on Sunday met in Paris with representatives from the US, Egypt, and Qatar. The deal on the table includes the release of 100 hostages in exchange for Israel suspending the fighting for two months and withdrawing the IDF from some parts of the Gaza Strip.

The hostages will include women, children, and the wounded, who will be released in a staggering order, in exchange for terrorist prisoners with Jewish blood on their hands.

God help us.


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