The Presidential Election is Rigged. Now What?

For years, many of us have been writing, reporting, on the absolute corruption of our election system.  Patriotic Americans are rotting in DC gulags because they protested against the election crimes. What’s to be done?

Calling all citizen soldiers.

Voters in a few months are supposed to cast a ballot for their preferred presidential candidate. Meanwhile, we just watched one of our major political parties attempt to literally bankrupt the likely nominee of the other, and seize his property.

Whatever you want to say of America anymore, it can’t possibly be called free and our elections aren’t anything close to fair.

It’s good to see Tucker Carlson taking this on.



If A President Can Have His Money And Property Snatched By His Political Opposition, This Isn’t A Free Country And We Don’t Have Fair Elections

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Corrupt Judge Rules President Trump Can’t Postpone Paying $355M Judgment in NY Fraud Case


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