WATCH: Bill Maher Might Get Ousted From The Liberal World For What He Said About Israel

Some straight talk. Do people really care about the Arab refugees in Gaza? If so, which people? 

Do other Arab countries really care about the Arabs in Gaza? Does Hamas or the kleptocracy called the Palestinian Authority care about the Arabs in Gaza?

There is only one group of people who truly care about the Arabs in Gaza – they are the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces who are risking their lives to destroy the Hamas terror organization.

Can that really be the case? The very soldiers who are accused of committing genocide are actually liberating the Arabs in Gaza? That sounds absurd. Well, the lies and accusations peddled by most of the mass media are indeed patently absurd and that is why the truth seems to be the polar opposite of reality. Let’s take a closer look.

Imagine if you lived in a neighborhood where your elected political and security officials began tunneling under your apartment building and forcing you to ignore everything going on under your building. If you were to raise your voice in protest, you would be killed on the spot. So, you go along with it unhappily, knowing good and well, that the tunnels will be used to transport weapons and store missile launchers that will create a haven for terror. You know in your heart, that the digging under your building will lead to the digging of your grave when the inevitable response to missiles being launched from under your building will be a massive bombardment. Your are stuck and basically have no choice except to leave. But neighboring countries have closed their doors to you. This is the situation for a small, but not insignificant number of Arabs in Gaza. They truly should be helped. Their only hope is to be freed by the Israel Defense Forces as nobody else truly cares about them.

However, the vast majority of the Arabs in Gaza helped build the tunnels, supported the terror state build up and pray several times of day fervently for the destruction of the entire State of Israel and the Jewish people as a whole. They value their own lives less than they value killing Jews. It is hard to understand for most Western educated people. But the education of the majority of Arabs in Gaza did not include the enlightenment, the Bill of Rights, and concepts such as freedom of religion and press. The entire frame of reference is one of a Holy War, a jihad – not one of rights and privileges.

The most basic premise when analyzing Israel’s present reality is to realize that Israel has been fighting against its destruction from its very first day 75 years ago until today. There is no margin of error that allows Israel to take risks. The stakes are too high. All high-minded people who truly care about the poor Arab refugees should learn from Israel how to properly deal with an impossible problem and retain moral clarity in a world that is increasingly morally confused and filled with hypocrisy.

EDITORS NOTE: This column by Avi Abelow, Pulse of Israel is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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